Brewing success: start your coffee shop with a punch

Every once in a while, a question pops up in your mind: why are coffee shops so popular? The answer to that is simple: coffee shops don’t just fulfil your thirst for a good cup of coffee, or a [...]

Winning Loyalty: 7 smart ways to retain customers

Anyone working in sales will tell you one thing: finding new ways to increase customer revenues is always top priority. However, most salespeople are so focused on gaining new clients that they [...]

5 challenges against your business now solved

It’s easy to start a business these days, with how readily resources are available for use online. However, to stay in business – that is a challenge. Sustainability and profitability [...]

Technology – on the road to reinvent CRM?

In an increasingly mobile-savvy world, the key to sustainable growth is a memorable customer experience. For that, we have often relied on Customer Relationship Management, or CRM for short. In [...]

Customer Profiling: the Next Best Thing for your Business

When we figure out how to run a business, we often forget who we are running it for – our customers. This can be seriously detrimental, considering that your customers are the ones funding [...]

How To Successfully Launch Your Boutique

If you want to use your passion for fashion to even earn money with it, and be at the forefront of the industry, opening a small fashion retail outlet is perhaps the best decision you can make. [...]

POS: Things you didn’t know you needed

Whether you have a booming fast-food restaurant or a humble little café; a company sprawled across different locations or a small business made of one store – you need to pave your path to [...]

AI vs. Inventory Management: a revolution?

Artificial Intelligence – or AI – is emerging as a new factor of production, replacing the traditional factors of labour, capital, and innovation. In fact, it is estimated that AI [...]

Manage your Inventory like a pro

Inventory management is an integral part of running any kind of business – but for a small business, the burden becomes necessary. Knowing what product you have, and what product you need [...]

The Perfect CRM System

CRM – or Customer Relationship Management – is a system that improves your company’s relationships with customers. You can improve interaction with existing customers, find new [...]

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