What Consumers Really Want From Retailers

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In the bigger picture, we often assume that customers want nothing more than their products coming at them cheap and fast. Though it’s logical, it’s also far from the truth.

In reality, customers want a multitude of things, all of which fall under the same umbrella: a memorable experience. A retail business that can deliver that is the one that will win – because let’s face it: without customers, a business is bound to fail.

So, in a world as dynamic as ours, what is it that consumers really want from retailers? Let’s find out:

Service Quality > Service Speed

It is a misconception when we think that customers still want a quick experience; though it used to hold true, it does not anymore. Now, consumers are more interested in a time spent well – not in a time spent fast.

Make sure you train your staff well to not only deliver fast, but to deliver well. Be willing to hear their opinions through a series of interactive customer surveys, or simply be active when they need any kind of help. Simply being there for their every need can do wonders!

After all, a customer will be more willing to remember an experience that went great, instead of something that passed by in the blink of an eye. You can either use store features to gauge the customers’ excitement, or simply be as vocal as possible so that no conversation is lost in the fray.

A Simple Journey

Whether your store is on the Internet, or in brick-and-mortar, customers can get overwhelmed if there are a lot of products out there to offer. And although everyone enjoys a range of choice, they enjoy it even more if the choices are more specific – more curated, and less complicated!

So, be sure offer the best products you have – display them as “Monthly Favourites” or “Seasonal Editions” throughout the store, so that customers can focus on specific things. If you own a physical store, have enough space for customers to navigate comfortably; furthermore, the lesser crowded your shelves are, the easier it’ll be for customers to pick their favourite item.

Make It Personal

As unnecessary as it may sound, sometimes all the customers really need is someone to listen to their heart. And the only way to reach their emotions is by personalising their overall shopping experience; for them, the ideal retailer is one who knows what they want before they even have to open their mouths.

Personalisation has the potential to positively impact sales (and we have already discussed this here).Of course, hitting the bulls-eye is nearly impossible on the first try, but startups can do wonders with trial-and-error. For starters, record what your customers buy from you, and tap into their interests – what is it that they like and dislike? What’s so pronounced about their customer experience? After that, you incorporate the results into your marketing strategy, so that consumers see only what they want to see.

Oscar POS is a POS system capable of giving this functionality to retailers, in the form of a well-integrated Loyalty Program; such loyalty programs in Pakistan allow you to record customers’ past purchases in the form of customer profiles, so that you get a better idea of purchasing patterns. Through Oscar POS, you can create personalised offers or advertisements that customers want to take.

There’s no doubt that consumers are the backbone of any business – especially retail. It is thus important to cater to their needs in a smart way, so that they always come back for more.

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