What is POS?

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Point of sale is a combination of software and hardware which keeps the record of all the transactions and your product inventory.

Why should you switch to the POS system?

The POS system is user-friendly and is now taking over the local system which requires lots of paperwork. The POS system offers the easy management of your daily sales and keeps check on the goods your brand is selling. The system also manages the daily transactions, payrolls of your employees and also the record of your customers and their response to your services.

Why should you choose Oscar POS system?

Oscar POS software system includes the following features:

• On daily basis, sales analysis report is evaluated which gives you information about how much progress your company is making or where it is lacking. It might help in making major decisions to flourish your business more.

• Customer’s satisfaction has the key role in the progression of any business. Our customer management system keeps a record of all the log purchases and keeps the customers in a loop through marketing tools.

• Our inventory management system will keep track of all the products in your stock. Also, it keeps the record of the products which are already sold, products which have more sale making it easy to determine when and how often the inventory should be restocked.

• How punctual and reliable your staff is? Our employee management system provides the clock in/clock out tool which keeps records of your employee’s punctuality. Also, it manages the staff’s shift rotations, schedules and monthly payrolls or daily wages arrangements.

How efficient our hardware system is?

We are always implementing new and enhanced technologies to provide you with the best and advanced system. Our smart plug and play gadgets are just an installation away from working efficiently at your pay counter. The essentials we provide includes:

• A register screen which displays product database, your employee attendance, the amount paid and returned and also reviews sales report. Tablet and iPad is our favourite but our system works smoothly on your desktops and Mac as well.

• Bar-code scanners automate the checkout process by processing the data of the product and including it to the checkout total. The scanned code automatically makes changes in the inventory and adjust the stock levels.

• Credit card readers are also important and we provide you with one. The increasing use of the credit cards has made the money handling easy for the customers as now cards are used widely.

• Although credit cards are being extensively used now, cash still rules the land. The cash drawer has an anti-theft lock and it is controlled by your device.

• Our receipt printer can be easily connected to your device. It provides a quick snapshot of the customer of their purchased item. Also, it can quickly print your employee sales details, working hours and other information.

All these user-friendly interface hardware can be easily connected to your device. Also if you already have some other POS hardware installed, you don’t have to replace them. Just install our software and it will work fine.
Our POS has some additional features. The separate log for customer profile includes private customer feedback, email marketing, gift vouchers for the frequent customer, various discount membership cards and online payment system.

Providing you with the easy and advanced system our aim is to make your data handling effortless and time-saving.

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