How tablets have changed table service

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The nature of “hospitality” in restaurants has recently undergone serious changes because of technology. One of the most influential tools to have ever been introduced as a result is the tablet-based POS (point of sale) systems – which can easily be called the very soul of any modern restaurant.

If you want your restaurant business to compete with the giants in the hospitality industry, you need to take advantage of the positive transformations modern POS systems are capable of bringing. The right POS system can make every work function flexible, fast and efficient – for all the right reasons.

So let’s see – what’s on the POS specials?


  • Diverse table functions

    Renowned tablet POS systems like Oscar POS have built-in features like cloud-based software – which simply means that now your waiters can take orders and accept payments on-the-go. Even when the internet is down, your sales go up.

    You can also accept a variety of payment methods: debit, credit or cash – you name it, they’ve got it. Customers can pay tabs quickly, and feel more satisfied. Because let’s face the facts: rapid payment methods are the best thing since sliced bread – and fast food.


  • Better customer service

    The introduction of the tablet in normal restaurant functions has brought a unique aesthetic change. With an intuitive user interface, a tablet POS system not only increases the speed of service but also allows customers to experience a piece of technology they otherwise might not get to see elsewhere. They leave the premises feeling excited to have seen something so interesting.

    The best part – with just a few taps, your waiters can take more orders from different customers at a time without forgetfulness. After that, the equation is simple: more orders = more customers = better customer service.


  • Gain control over your inventory

    Modern POS systems allow you to streamline processes for ordering, receiving and entering inventory. You can also add products and categories as much as you like to suit your customers’ needs. For the restaurant owner, this is a blessing.
    With the help of active statistics and system alerts, know what product is selling best and what needs restocking. Never lose track of your inventory – because nothing is worse than a customer finding out their favourite meal is no longer available.


It’s no underestimation that tablet POS systems have revolutionized the traditional, time-consuming table service methods. Although the old ways had some value, it’s not wrong to embrace new changes. A smart restaurateur would grab the bull by its horns, and seek the benefits that technology has brought to the hospitality industry.

After that, success has no limit.

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