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Building a brand, company or anything from scratch is nowhere an easy task. A person needs faith and immense determination and the patience to deal with all obstacles that come in one’s path.

At first, when you start, some questions arise like “How should it reach out to people?”, or  “Will it aim my target audience?” and a lot more!

Now you need to think over as to how to connect the dots between what you’re selling and is it reaching your target audience or not.

Let us work on building a stronger identity for your business now.

  1. What is a brand and how to build it?

Basically, a brand is how people perceive you as and the impression you imprint on them. For instance, you could say that people are brands too. They leave an impression, they have a name, different castes, colors, language, and different perspectives and etc. Likewise, a business brand has different colors and languages, a certain impact or reputation the brand builds for itself. Some brands have ambassadors as well, showing us how they have faces too. That tells us how you need to build a reputation for your brand and stay consistent, but it all depends on how you choose to maintain and run it.

Take one by one steps to build your brand. For example:

  1. Pick a target, and set your target audience and etc likewise.
  2. Choose a theme for your brand and the type of reputation and hype you want.
  3. Plan accordingly and evolve your business to grow.

Great ideas come to all minds but not many can execute it properly, focus on the execution.

  1. Figure out where you stand in the market:

Before you start planning and executing, you need to have a clear vision. Understand your market, the potential customers and keep a watch on your competitors. There are many ways to do this, for example:

  1. Google the competitors that come up with your brand, put yourself in your customers’ shoes.
  2. Test online shopping and get an idea as to how your customers would browse your products.
  3. Look into the relevant social media accounts and identify which ones have the most influence on your clients and many other ways.

It’s important to look into these aspects before you make any further decisions. It alerts you and guides you as to how you need to position your brand in terms of your customers and competitors.

  1. Choosing a business name, logo and etc:

A brand is certainly more than its name but the latter still plays a very crucial part. It has a great impact on everything, be it your logo, marketing or sales.

“A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, but Nike by another name would be seen on fewer feet.” The quote tells us how important brand reputation can be.

You would want a name that stands apart from your competitors, i.e.: we have named our POS System as Oscar, that has a big impact on the market. Likewise, you just need a simple yet unique name that has a big impact.

Then comes the logo which is ideally the face of your company, put in extra focus on this one! Afterall, it will appear everywhere your brand would exist. For example, get a square version of your logo that has an icon element and would be recognized even in smaller sizes. Again, you can take an example from Oscar POS system. Our square logo easily fits in anywhere.

These were some simple tips on how you should start up your business in simplest steps possible! For the rest, be sure to always do your best in front at every step and never give up.

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