Promote Good Ramadan Values Through Your Business

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Ramadan is almost over, but business practices are still on the rise. Many marketers and entrepreneurs have made it their duty to push out as many Ramadan deals and discounts as they possibly can – but what of the true values of this holy month?

Low prices and low-budget packages are great at attracting people, but what’s even better than that is the promotion of good Ramadan values. Such promotional concepts show that a business is more than just a money-making machine; it’s a company with a soul, and a will to spread positivity in the world.

There are many ways you can tug at the heartstrings of your customers by promoting good values – fortunately, we’ve got a good few tricks to share:


Be Charitable


The month of Ramadan involves a lot more than simply not drinking and eating. It also includes the acts of perseverance, humility – and most importantly: charity.

Charity is a great way any business can gain popularity for all the right reasons. So in the month of Ramadan, pick a charity or welfare project you feel like supporting, and donate a good portion of your sales to them. Such acts of goodwill help people understand that your business cares about the well-being of others.


Share Family Values


Fasting in Ramadan is widely considered as a festivity. It gives people a chance to enjoy some “family prime-time” – whether it’s through joint iftars and sehris, or simply watching the TV together, people like spending their time with their families.

As a business, you can take advantage of this by promoting positive family values like kindness, mutual support, cooperation, and love – i.e. anything that keeps a family unit strong, healthy and happy. The generic way to do this is by using TV advertisements – but ever since the advent of social media, ads being run on platforms like Instagram and Facebook gain just as much attraction.


Promote Spirituality


As mentioned before, Ramadan is a lot more than a month of fasting – for many Muslims, it’s an entirely spiritual experience which involves the recitation of Quran and pure devotion to acts of worship. For them, their spiritual development is all that matters.

You can help encourage this kind of spirituality with small gestures; acts even as small as sharing Ahadith, Sunnah and Quranic verses on social media can inspire many Muslims into being more intune with their spirituality. Other gestures include sharing health benefits, conducting marketing strategies with a gentler, more approachable tone, and the like.


Because the reality is that people just don’t have their focus on businesses during Ramadan. And although this might be frustrating for you as an entrepreneur, you can take this opportunity to sit back, and look through your progress so far. A POS in Pakistan like Oscar POS lets you analyse your performance in the form of key metrics like total sales, profits made, best-sellers, and more. Such an analytics system helps you plan your future a lot easier, since now you know where you have improved, and where has your business been lacking.

All in all, Ramadan is a religiously and culturally significant month for Muslims. The sooner you understand its core good values and promote them, the better it will be for your business.

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