Monitor your Garment Store’s Staff with Oscar POS

As an owner of a garment store, you have many employees ranging from salespersons to cashiers and store managers. Keeping an eye on each of your employees is one of the most challenging tasks. [...]

Efficiently Maintain your Cafe’s Inventory with Oscar POS

In running a cafe, the topmost priority of a cafe owner is to keep serving the customers all the items on the menu without shortages. Not only does it keep your customers satisfied but also helps [...]

Track your Bakery Profits with Advanced POS System

Running a bakery comes with a set of challenges. The most demanding one is tracking your bakery profits and making valuable future decisions. Recording your bakery’s profits is not as simple as [...]

Run Effective Promotional Campaigns with Oscar POS

Analyzing customer behavior and buying patterns are the most crucial aspects of a retail business. It enables better target marketing and helps increase sales. For this purpose, reaching out to [...]

Monitor Multiple Salon Outlets with Oscar POS

Living in a metropolis packed with traffic jams, it isn’t easy to travel quickly from one outlet to another. Operating multiple outlets of a salon is a challenging task. You need to commute [...]

Gauge your Pharmacy Staff’s Performance with Oscar POS

As an owner of a pharmacy, you have a diverse workforce. From the counter assistant and clerk to the pharmacy technician and manager, monitoring all your employees can be a bit challenging. If [...]

Track your Store’s Progress with Oscar POS CRM

Building a more concrete business by making more sales is essential for every business owner. It is crucial to capture your customers’ feedback and make valuable decisions per their demands to [...]

Monitor your Pharmacy’s Inventory with Oscar POS

Monitoring the massive pile of tablets, syrups, ointments, and other medical stock in a pharmacy can be challenging. These massive stock levels need to be accurately managed in order to avoid [...]

Enhance your Salon Customer Experience with Oscar POS

The progress of your salon depends on your customer satisfaction. Happy and satisfied customers can flourish your salon business by maximizing your profits. Providing your customers with quick [...]

Speed Up your Payment Processing with Oscar POS

The retail sector, especially supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores, is packed with crowds, and a quick clearance at the checkout is always a plus when it comes to retail stores. [...]

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