Gauge your Pharmacy Staff’s Performance with Oscar POS

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As an owner of a pharmacy, you have a diverse workforce. From the counter assistant and clerk to the pharmacy technician and manager, monitoring all your employees can be a bit challenging. If you keep marking their attendance, late comings, and holidays in registers, it is not only error prone but eats up your time. In addition, these manual methods will not help you capture your pharmacy staff performance. You can not estimate your employees’ working hours and the sales they make using traditional record-keeping methods, which causes a lot of problems.

A POS system provides you with all the details you need to record the performance of your workers. It is necessary to select an advanced POS system for your pharmacy to streamline your employee management and maximize your productivity. If you are looking for the best POS software in Pakistan, there is none other than Oscar POS.

The Oscar SRB integrated POS system comes with advanced features to help you efficiently monitor your pharmacy staff with its remarkable time-tracking functionality. It helps you mark accurate attendance, monitor latecomings, and keep a check on your staff’s entire performance. Using the Oscar POS system, you can easily mark your staff’s attendance and keep an organized record of the sales an employee makes. You can identify the top-performer of your pharmacy and can reward them accordingly with this information.

You can set up role-based security in accessing the Oscar Dashboard by granting your employees different access privileges according to their roles. For instance, a salesperson may just have access to the availability of stock, but the manager can get deep insights into the sales data and the store’s progress. This prevents data breaches. Oscar POS SRB helps reduce manual errors and saves time capturing staff performance.

The Oscar SRB POS is a risk-free software to monitor the productivity of your pharmacy workers quickly. You can visit the website to learn more about Oscar POS software. Take a free tour to learn about the most popular features.

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