Monitor your Garment Store’s Staff with Oscar POS

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As an owner of a garment store, you have many employees ranging from salespersons to cashiers and store managers. Keeping an eye on each of your employees is one of the most challenging tasks. You already have so much on your plate, and you just can not monitor their performance individually. Marking your staff’s daily attendance, estimating their working hours, and paying them their wages are a few of the essential operations to monitor your clothing store’s staff.

The intelligent features of a POS software can facilitate excellent employee management at your retail shop of clothes. Choosing the right POS software is mandatory to operate your garment store efficiently. When it comes to the best POS software in Pakistan, Oscar POS tops the list.

The incredible staff management features of the Oscar POS system enable you to mark the timely attendance of your employees and calculate overtime. It helps integrate with your sales data by giving you complete knowledge about which employee has served how many individuals on a particular day. This time tracking functionality of the Oscar POS SRB helps assess staff performance and productivity on an individual basis.

The cloud-based Oscar POS FBR can be used at any location at any time. It allows you to generate and filter the reports for each employee at any outlet. You can measure your staff’s performance and reward them accordingly. Furthermore, you can set up role-based security in accessing the Oscar dashboard by providing your team with different access privileges. For instance, a salesperson may have access to the stock availability, but the manager can get deep insights into sales analytics and data metrics.

Oscar SRB integrated POS system is the one-stop solution to monitor your clothing store’s staff. Oscar SRB POS is a risk-free software whose basic version is free of cost. You can visit the website to learn more about Oscar POS software Pakistan. Take a free tour to learn about the most popular features.

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