Strategies to Increase Online Orders

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All the strategies are tested and verified by the top-performing retail and restaurant chains from around the world. Let’s discuss a couple here.


Provide Exclusive Offers

Customers love discounts and offers. However, diverting customers from third-party delivery service providers to your personal website can be challenging. To boost your competitors’ positioning on their page, these websites use aggressive advertising and sponsored features. Therefore, offer incentives to your customers to promote your online ordering platform.


Menu Design

Your menu should be enticing enough. Upload and optimise the menu on your online platform to showcase current deals and best sellers. Your item list should also be visually appealing, you can add big and clear images of the products as customers order with their eyes.

Moreover, look out for key trends and adjust your menu accordingly to make it exciting for customers. Oscar can update menu changes within seconds if you wish to add or remove to grow online sales.


Packaging and Driver Integration

The functions of online ordering outside the kitchen must go alongside your operations inside the kitchen. Don’t just avoid issues with packaging or the delivery of food for your customer but also use them for your advantage to sell more. In order to do so, you must focus on quality and temperature control. The outer covering should also be distinctive and a pure representation of the brand.

Also, inform your customers about the time of arrival for their food. Oscar allows users to set up a delivery driver integration system for better functionality. Customers are eager to know how long they have to wait for and outstanding customer service is crucial to boost sales.


Promote your Online Business In-Store

Certainly, there’s no need to mention that you should promote your online ordering platform to your in-house customers. Tell your employees to inform your customers about your website, social channels, and app. Also, get the attention of your customers by distributing flyers and handouts and attach them to takeaway orders for widespread distribution. Similarly, shop front signs and in-door posters also work well.

Another possibility is to offer a discount code to in-store customers with their bill to retain loyal customers.


One-Click Option

Ordering online should be quick and convenient. Customers should be able to store their details and favourite product/meal orders onto your website and app. Time is valuable and simplifying the process will be in favor of your customer. This one-click order adds value by improving the customer’s interaction with your business.


Link all Social Media Channels to your Online Menu

Your target audience most likely browses through social media in their spare time. Bridge the gap between your website and your social channels by incorporating a link to your online menu. Thus, providing a direct connection between your website and your customers, without any distractions.


Make Use of Google Maps

I can’t emphasize this enough. One of the most often searches for online ordering is “food delivery near me”. You should always claim your Google business directory to point customers to your website. The location of your store/outlet will influence your customers’ preference. 

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