Boost Online Sales this Holiday Season

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Like several other industries, the holiday season can be the best time for your restaurant to generate revenues. Eid, independence day, Christmas, Diwali, and the like can usually skyrocket your sales. So if you want to get the best of your online ordering system during the holiday season, read this article carefully.


Simple Ordering System for Online Orders

Oscar offers businesses the perfect solution for providing customers with the facility to order online. Simply enter your menu/item list into the Oscars online platform directly or send us the details, we will be more than happy to do it for you. Within minutes you can have an online menu up and running. Integrate this system with your existing website or create a new website within a day if you don’t have one.

Along with online menus and ordering, the complete online ordering system allows you to synchronize your offline and online sales, making it easy to track accounts and introduce new dishes or products with discounts and promotions for your business.


Generate More Revenue During the Holidays

The holidays are not necessarily the best time for restaurant sales. People tend to have busier schedules, prefer to spend more time with their families, and are less likely to dine out. 61 percent of restaurant businesses observed a decline in sales during the holiday season. Therefore, offering an online platform can provide various benefits to tackle slower holiday sales:

  • Increase visibility
  • Attract new customers
  • Increase the productivity of staff
  • Make up for the lost sales in-store

Adding an online platform for your audience to your website can increase your online visibility. This action will enable you to attract a new audience and gather a larger portion of this season’s traffic.

Many restaurants figured out that an online menu helps streamline the ticket system and increases the effectiveness of staff. This system can be easily integrated into your existing POS system and your team can easily track online orders. Having an online ordering system can also save you some time by giving customers the option to place orders online instead of calling your restaurant and spending 5-6 minutes.


Display Your Holiday Specialties Early

Design a special menu to promote the dishes that are not popular in-store or food items that you’re going to introduce at your restaurant in the holiday season. Shout out on your social channels, add those meals on your food ordering system, or do some out of home marketing to let your audience know what you’re going to offer this holiday season. Just make sure that you start your marketing one month prior to the holidays. It will give you a head-start to target your customers.


Your Online Ordering System is More Noticeable and Actionable

Make sure that you’ve placed an online food order button or commonly known as a CTA (call-to-action) in the header section of your site and wherever you think will provoke user action. Placing CTA in the top-right corner allows your customers to navigate your site thoroughly and reduces order placing time. 

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