Survival of Retail Business in Global Pandemic

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The entire world is currently going through the outbreak of a pandemic disease Coronavirus, COVID-19. This disaster has slowed down all the processes of the global economy. Several countries have begun to lock-down or impose a soft curfew to stop or at least slow down the spread of the deadly disease.

During this lock-down period, every business owner is worried about their stores getting shut, payment being outstanding, and losing customers. The way we used to do things, live, shop and interact with each other has been drastically altered. I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news, but our living conditions are going to change dramatically similarly it happened with every such incident in history. Take, for example, 9/11, Spanish flu, world war, financial crisis 2008, etc.

Although working things out is a bit challenging for the retailers during this period, we noted some of the points which will help in managing the retail business.


Stay in Touch With Your Customers

During these unfortunate times of crisis, it becomes mandatory that we are connected with our customers. It is worth checking up on them, calling them and finding out how things are on their end and what could be done to help them get back on track. You can also send SMS / email or notifications to your customers and inform them that you are still operating online and even during this crisis you are providing 24/7 support to meet their daily essentials.

Tell them about your plans, the additional measures you’re implementing in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, and comfort them that their health and safety is your top priority. Ask them if they can reach your store, if they can’t, take their order online and make home delivery. 

As you know we have got some extra time to spare. You can make it worthwhile by writing some articles, blogs or positive messages about your business and what you offer. Share the word on social media and also links can be sent to your customers via emails.


Sanitize Your Shop

Before you move on with other ideas, the very first step is to take care of yourself. Make sure your store’s surfaces, doors, shelves, and high touching spots are clean. The second step is to make these measures public. Your customers must be well informed about your practices. 

You can use some small messages like “We sanitize our shop daily” or you may use some basic instructions regarding Coronavirus, like wear a mask, keep a distance and so on. Put them inside the shop and on the main door where people can easily read it. You should also sanitize the shopping carts or baskets and make your customers aware of this.


Bring Your Shop Online

E-commerce is not just an option now, it’s a need. You certainly think of it every now and then and you will have to digitize things sometime in the future. So, why not now?

 As people are quarantined at their home they can’t step outside. This is the time you take action and get your shop online quickly which will help people to order the daily essentials from the e-commerce website. 

Setting your business online will not only help you get going during this lockdown period but also help the people to stay safe at their places and get their routine items delivered rather than crowding at the shops.


Decide Now!

Retailers are experiencing a hard time as many countries are put under lock-down. In this situation, the most ideal approach is to do business online. Oscar will help you to have you set up. Continue your business with Oscar’s point of sale system now.

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