Product Descriptions That Help Sell

 In Retail

Product descriptions are important, at times even professional copywriters can make blunders and that’s alright! What’s important is that we learn from our mistakes. You need to make sure that your product descriptions actually SELL.

Persuade your online visitors and put your product description in a way that it convinces them to get it. Let’s have a look at some simple ways.

  1. Avoid “whatever” phrases

At time’s we get out of words and don’t really know what to add to some product descriptions, times like these we sometimes use boring and bland stuff like “Very good product quality”. That’s a “whatever” phrase, when that sort of a description come’s in front a potential buyer he would probably think “Yeah, whatever. That’s what everyone says”. This way you become less persuasive, which makes your potential buyer think twice. Products that mention each and every detail whether technical or other and explains how they could benefit the potential customers get a grab hold of their attention and get them buying their product, take Zappos for example, they won’t describe the quality of a certain pair of shoes as good, they will make sure to imprint a clear picture of the potential customers mind and that is exactly how your description will sell the product. Be specific but be smart with your words.

  1. Focus on your potential buyers

If you’re going to write a product description, keeping in mind a huge crowd. Your descriptions will end up being wishy-washy, impressing and addressing no one at all. Firstly, make sure you’re addressing your product buyers directly and personally. You ask questions and suggestions and make sure that you engage them, just like having a conversation. You choose the words and nature your customer uses. When writing your own product description, you need to keep in mind your product and your ideal buyer. What sort of humor does he/she appreciate? Do they even appreciate humor or at all? What sorts of words would they use? What words does he hate? And etc. You can imagine talking to your customer’s face to face and incorporate that language into your product descriptions. That way, you will have a more accurate conversation online that will resonate more deeply.

  1. Shower benefits

Keep in mind that customers aren’t interested in mundane features as you as a company is, they will look for benefits and what’s in it for them. You need to put your product in a way that the customer feels it’s a win-win deal for them. For example, Method Home describe one of their hand washes gels like: Sometimes the scent of seasonal hand wash is all we need to rouse our holiday spirits. Now, Method Home, very smartly suggests to their customers that the sole feature of their soap is not just to make your hands soft or clean, rather the soap rouses your holiday spirit! Making the holiday more enjoyable and festive. Keep in mind your products and try to connect how you can take those features to another level, showcasing to your customer’s endless benefits. Make sure your customer feels happy and excited reading your products descriptions. When you don’t just sell a product rather an experience, the customer is bound to buy and come back for more.


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