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Retailers are now changing their game from clunky cash registers to faster iPads and smartphones – and for good reason. Tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) systems have taken over the business world by storm, introducing concepts like cloud-based software, analysis of sales reports on-the-go, limitless customization of branding, and much more.

As a Store owner, you want to choose a POS System that is quick, functional and well integrated with other stores – all bundled in a good price. Along with that, you want to be able to expand your stores in the most efficient, practical way possible.

Here are four reasons why the best option for you is a tablet-based POS System:

New and Trending – all for the right reasons:

Your customer will want to support a brand that is in touch with the latest technologies – nobody would want to associate themselves with a company that still relies on slow, old hardware and awkward keyboards! In this internet age, you need to get in with advanced, multi-tasking services that make your job easier. Invest in a tablet-based POS System, and show the world that your business is in the competition – and in it to thrive.

Smart and Simple leads to Success

Smart and simple are every businessman’s favourite words – and tablet-based systems provide you with just that. They focus on a cloud-based software that helps you manage your inventory, check sales reports, analyse profits, manage both your customers and your labour all with a swipe of your finger. A simple interface makes the entire process of running a business functional and fun for you – and interesting for your customer.

Extra Costs – No Longer your Headache

You no longer have to worry about spending extra money on keyboards, PCs, barcode scanners or credit-card readers, now a simple tablet has all that you need! All your requirements are built in and predisposed to you, without the strain of miscellaneous expenses.

Compact and Vast:

You read it right: compact and vast. Such tablets have an array of features, ranging from trivial things like marketing strategies, employee management, progress reports, and data analyses, while simultaneously connecting your brand with different eCommerce companies to inevitably help it flourish – all trapped within a touchscreen! You do not have to deal with clunky equipment that neither is handy nor graceful looking – but you do not have to slow your progress either.

Convenience is key:

Being glued to a computer or laptop is anything but comfortable, and your company should be willing to provide employees with something that is not as intimidating as a huge screen! With handy tablets and smartphones, you can fulfil all your duties in the most manoeuvrable, fast and efficient way possible!

By now, you might have your opinion tilting over to a tablet-based POS System that can take your business to the next level, without having to worry about technological things.

You may now ask yourself, “What should I choose?”

The answer to that is Oscar – a renowned POS System that let you customize, run and help your sales flourish exactly the way you want it to, at the best price.

After all, Oscar is here to do the heavy lifting for you and your company’s success.

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