Gain Higher Profits with Inventory Automation

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As a business owner, your inventory is in a constant state of flux. Most of the time, the latest inventory records don’t match your actual in-warehouse inventory with 100%accuracy.

Reconciling your physical stock and matching its numbers with inventory records is quite important for small business, as well as for large-scale businesses. Doing so helps you to identify the discrepancies source and improve procedures to prevent losses. Most companies shut down their operations for several hours in order to perform inventory reconciliation.

Automate Inventory Count

Previously, businesses used to close their operations for a couple of days, to do inventory counts manually. Resulting in losing a bunch of weekly customers.

Whereas now with the introduction of advanced inventory management software in play, the inventory count has been significantly easier, accurate and automated. Reducing count time greatly and enabling retailers to keep their operations running.

Do an Inventory Match

As you automate your inventory, a physical count of inventory becomes simpler as well. To avoid any discrepancies, your Inventory Supervisor can match the numbers, products and category wise.

This process also helps in identifying your top selling and most fast consuming. So as identifying the nearby expiry products and which items are urgently required.

Removing discrepancies, if any Notifying the missing items

Conducting steps discussed above, can greatly improve your store operations, reduce the extra time and employee force that was designated to do long inventory count drills every second week or month.  

Oscar POS System and its fully-integrated Inventory Software helps you achieve higher profits conveniently. It keeps a complete count of each item/product present in inventory, sold or expired, and also helps you know your dusty inventory that needs to be reduced.

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