5 Myths about Mobile Point-of-Sale

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The tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) is notoriously known for its double standards – some people think it’s the best thing a business can use, while others don’t have such positive outlooks. Some people in Pakistan are quick to dismiss the concept entirely, thinking it’s anything but useful.

It’s about time we broke those myths and stated some facts:


POS Systems are glorified cash registers

This rumour about POS Systems has to be the most unreasonable one because POS systems now have a lot of features; they aren’t restricted to just tracking accounting books and inventory.

As work functions steadily became more mechanised, the POS system steadily grew advanced. Now, POS systems like Oscar can do a multitude of functions, like inventory tracking, automatic price updates, bar-code scanning, customer profiling and follow-up, reporting analytics – and more. Modern POS systems are thus not glorified –  considering how easily they make business functions workflow, I’d say they deserve the credit they’re getting.


Using a POS System is the work of a genius

In reality, the exact opposite is true: setting up and using the point-of-sale is quite possibly the only thing in the business world that does not need any formal education.

With how mobile devices and cloud-based software are becoming more common, POS systems are now steadily more user-friendly than before. In fact, software developers work with the client, making sure the experience never becomes overwhelming or complicated. That way, even a computer novice can use an advanced POS system to run their business without an issue.

The effort that does go depends on the kind of POS System you are using. For Oscar, the process is as easy as creating an account on their website!


Cloud-based POS Systems have to be tied to the Internet all the time

The main distinctive feature of the cloud-based software is that they can work with the internet, but they don’t have to. Systems like Oscar take business functionality to a whole other level with a software that can work both online and offline.

The system is built so that it can send data to and from your tablet without the internet. It can also identify when a Wi-Fi connection is available so that once the internet connection is restored, you can return to the cloud; simultaneously, all your reports will be synced again.

This makes a lot of common business functions faster, safer, and more efficient in bringing results. Moreover, you can get access to reports, analyse data, track sales and manage inventory all on the go.


It’s impossible for POS systems to handle large businesses

Most people believe that mechanised POS systems are better suited for cafes or small retailers. As soon as your business got too busy, the system might glitch and ruin your workflow. But actually, that is wrong – POS systems have quite robust, long-lasting software that is suited for both the calm and bustling days. More sophisticated choices, like Oscar POS, can make your job easier by handling multiple stores at once. A single intuitive dashboard can display all your data from multiple stores either separately, or as a lump. That way, you can gain a better idea of where your business stands presently, and how can you lead it to success in the future.

A modern, tablet-based and cloud-based POS terminal in Pakistan is still a pretty new, recent concept. It may take time before entrepreneurs and businessmen accept and learn the plethora of benefits they can offer.

Once they do move away from the myths of POS systems, it will mark a peak period for businesses in Pakistan.

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