11 Ideas to drive more traffic to your store

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If you own a store and worried about driving customers to your store? That’s likely the most pointing question in your mind. You probably have tried a few things but you couldn’t get through.

The main reason behind this is maybe how your consumer behaviour is changing, People are shopping more online. But don’t worry, studies show these people still love to roam around stores. For a variety of good reasons, so you are giving a better reason to shop for.

Now there are two types of groups through which you drive traffic, direct traffic drivers and indirect traffic drivers. A direct traffic is where you drive customer directly because in indirect traffic you need to drive enough traffic through other some of the digital marketing resources

Verify your business on search platforms

To get more visits to your website, drop a pin. Drive people to your store through the power of search. Use pinpoints to make your direction visible to your customers. Start by verifying your business through Google my business.

When someone searches your name In Google he will find you in there. The most common benefit is that you can get customer reviews. You can also go to multiple reviewing sites to get your business evaluated from the customer’s end.

Facilitate customers

You can give enough space to work, offer free Wi-Fi, and can advertise about these perks you are offering. People start getting to know about your space often.

Quench quick thirst

The good and tricky way to invite your customers by quenching their thirst. Offering a small bottle and other drinks for free will make difference. At best offer them a free meal, it sets a good impression to your customers.

Add a window display

Grab the attention of passerby by adding an attractive window display or a chalkboard sign with a witty message I which people are Instagram-ing about you. Offer something that drives people to your store.

Offer Deals

Everyone love to buy from deals, consider offering in-store promotions to encourage foot and traffic.

You can get by, store signage, selfie campaigns, social media and email blasts to make sure your customers know there is something big.

Connect with Micro Influencers

You can partner with social media influencers who have a large number of followers in Que.

Influencers provide a neutral feedback which benefitted consumers and shop owners as well. They publish in multiple facets like it can be either a form of Live Video, Instagram sharing, or publishing blog.

Encourage customers to invite friends

Invite referral programs, offer gift or discount on every referral program, this is how you will create among your customers and acquiring larger benefits in small go.

Host an event

Partner with other business helps you grow more, offer a great value to your business. Provide space for events and track those events. You can even offer a free cocktail in the event to let customers and businesses engage more.

The Power of Loyalty cannot be denied

Loyalty programs also keep your customers coming back again and again. Offer some discounts to your regular visitors.

You could offer bonus points for your customers who visit your store physically by pushing the whole process through your POS software.

Let customers communicate and exchange online

It may seem a little change, it is researched that 13% of the people who researched online, buy products from Physical stores. Facilitate customer to find your product easily

Take customer opinion

When a customer drives to your store, look and pay attention to what he said. Around 46% of the shoppers buy just after reading reviews about your company online.

So try to get positive feedback as much as possible, to get more traffic.

All this been done to give better customer acquisition. A great opportunity waiting for you. Simply, look through the process and make it as interactive as possible.


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