Cash in Valentine’s Day!

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Welcome this ‘Valentines Day’ with as much love as you can because as a retailer or company owner your money-making doors are now open. We are here to remind merchants how they could cash Valentines Day and reach their customer’s hearts and show them how much they care for them.

1. Come up with promotions:

Statistics actually show nearly 49% consumers said they would spend double if they met a really good sale or promotion. So now it’s clear how customers are in search of a deal, drive in promotions, drive in sales this Valentine! A lot of consumers tend to treat their significant other out on a date, keep that in mind and pair up with a local restaurant. A smart tactic would be to advertise upcoming valentine’s day promotions at the bottom of receipts. Create a sense of urgency and excitement in your customers by sending in emails mentioning your promotions and discounts before 14th February.

2. Value your loyal customers:

By the help of POS system, you’re able to look into your loyal customers who they are and what they like. The next time they enter the store and checking out, ask them about their likes and dislikes and if they had anything special in mind for valentines and if there was anything you could do to help them surprise their significant other.

3. No Valentine? No Problem!

Stand apart and encourage self-love. Show customers out there that valentine’s day is not just a celebration reserved exclusively for couples. Valentine’s day celebrates love so whether you’re single or coupled up, shouldn’t really matter. Encourage customers into buying stuff for themselves, or their Mom this valentine and boost your sales.

4. Infuse product with the valentines spirit:

Be creative and launch campaigns that infuse your brand/product with the valentine’s day spirit! For example, The Body Shop celebrated V-day with a #SendAKiss contest, asking their Instagram followers to send in photos of themselves blowing a kiss to a friend and the winner will get a gift pack of fruit-scented lip balms and they smartly launched their products on Valentine’s Day.

5. Make your employees your valentine:

Since the day is all about spreading love, why not spread love among the people you’re with all year round and who work tirelessly for you? Give them a special valentines gift to show your gratitude towards them. Not only will your love and gratitude end there but they will make sure they pass it on to your customers as well.

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