Boost Beauty Salon Sales With These Secrets

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Every business owner wants increased profits with every step they take. If you’re a beauty salon owner, this is a bit more challenging, since your profits depend on customer satisfaction – which in itself is pretty unstable. No matter how many customers smile at your service, one bad experience might as well put your entire business in jeopardy.

If you want to prevent that from happening, you need to think beyond plain customer service. You need to think of smart ways to improve sales – and fortunately, we have three secrets to reveal!

Secret #1: Improve Overall Efficiency

We know, this sounds pretty general, but let’s get to the specifics.

When you’re running your salon, you might have met one of two problems (worst case scenario – both): you might be spending money over products people aren’t using; or you could have staff that aren’t booked half of the time, meaning their skills (and salaries) are not being utilised.

This is where you’re confronting a massive operational error: what you invest should return to you in the form of revenue. If there’s a discrepancy, then it means your money is leaking out of your business. You need to fox this before this small hole sinks an entire ship.

Now, there’s one of two ways you can do that. You could invest in limited amount of products – i.e. products you know your clients enjoy – so that you can cut down on costs. Another way of dealing with this is by engaging available staff with more customers at a faster rate.

In this case, the meaning of “faster rate” is simple: get customers in and out quickly. This kind of increased frequency of transactions helps not only keep all your staff members active, but it also increases overall business turnover rate – and ultimately increases sales. 

Secret #2: Smart Marketing

When we say “smart marketing”, we mean marketing tactics that leave a lasting impression on people. And the secret behind this is personalisation.

We have covered this tale before – how you can improve sales for any kind of business through a personalised approach. Taking our lessons learned from that article, we come to realise that people automatically create a lasting affinity for brands that consider their preferences. So now it’s your turn to reach out to your customers’ hearts through smart, personalised marketing.

Before you can define your marketing approach, you need to know what media you want to pick. If you’ve already established a beauty salon, then you might be friends with the concept of flyers, posters, and the like. Now, it’s time you exploited social media.

Social media is the perfect platform for you to interact with your customers directly, in real-time. Applications like Facebook and Instagram are popular for garnering an interactive brand presence; through such channels, you can better gauge your customers’ interests – find out what they like, what they don’t like, and what do they expect from your store.

After that, you can generate personalised advertisements and share them across social media and email. (In fact, we have already covered the ways you can optimise your email marketing strategies here.)

Secret #3: Increase Client Base

Now, we know this is a “easier said than done” phrase – but we’re not exaggerating.

Increasing your client base is perhaps the most direct way you can boost your salon’s sales. The only way you can attract new, potentially interested clients is if you offer them something.

And what’s a better offer than a reward?

The best way to retain customers – and invite many more – is by rewarding your customers. That way, they feel honoured, thereby becoming emotionally attached to your brand – and a sentimental bond like that is hard to break. Furthermore, the same customers can refer your brand to other people, either through referral programs or the kindness of the heart.

Now, “reward” is a big word; customers can be rewarded in many ways, like offers, gift bags, discounts etc. A more sustainable approach at rewarding customers with every visit is the usage of loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs in Pakistan can do the right job. Oscar POS has its own integrated Loyalty Program that rewards customers on the basis of points, which are then used to customise their own offers, and discounts. Furthermore, you can study your customers’ loyalty statuses through in-depth reports and analytics.

Boosting your sales can be both a long- and short-term process, but your business mindset decides the verdict: do you want the results to be slow, or immediate? How hungry are you for success?

That is for you to decide.

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