5 Types Of Tools Your Small Business Needs In 2019

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The business world is developing at a fast pace, and it becomes either difficult or expensive for small businesses to survive the rapid changes. Most either get swept under the heavier influence of the giants, while others die out into irrelevancy.

Both spell disaster for small startups, and hence entrepreneurs should avoid both cases like the plague. With 2019 having finally entered the scene, new business tools have found their way to improve small businesses exponentially. Here are the 5 most important ones out there:

Project Manager

We know that teamwork makes the dream work – that’s how small businesses can accomplish all their tasks well before the deadline. However, managing multiple projects manually becomes too hard a task, which is why project management tools like Asana work so well. They automate the entire process of creating teams, defining tasks related to a project, setting up deadlines, and fulfilling them in the right order with regular updates. It’s the perfect amount of automation that lets you control everything.

Accounting Software

No matter how big or small your business may be, you’re still going to have to pay for utility bills, taxes, salaries, resources, and the like. An accounting software makes all such processes swift and easy through automatic calculations, compilations and report-making. More advanced accounting software can also automate menial tasks like making invoices, tax reports, and more.

Inventory Management Software

Controlling your business on its own is one thing – to control your entire warehouse on the back-end is something completely different.

Not only is it different, but also difficult – after all, one person can’t be in two places at once. That’s why an inventory management software comes in handy so much; it helps sync your ongoing sales with your warehouse, so that you can see what product you have enough quantities of, and what are you in need of. Furthermore, such a software automates processes like product cataloguing, counting stock, and even inventory auditing.

Social Media platforms

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – the list goes on. Each one of them poses a great platform for you to expand your presence in the business world. Social media poses a great chance for you to tap into a larger, more diverse audience, and gain the attention of just the right kind of people. It also allows you to directly connect with them through communities, groups, comments, or direct messages. Since 2019 is such a modern age as it is, every business needs that social media leverage!

Cloud-based POS System

This is a more modern version of the old clunky cash-registers. It consists of a POS software with multiple management systems integrated within, like inventory management, accounting software, employee management, CRM, and more. Furthermore, its cloud-based system allows you to conduct your business both online and offline. With everything connected, you’ll always be in control.

One POS System in Pakistan that is popular for its cloud-based software is Oscar POS – and for good measure. Not only is its UI smooth and seamless, but it has tons of management systems integrated, like those for e-commerce, recipe management, analytics, reporting, and more. We say “more” because you can easily integrate other systems you need, so that Oscar can suit your every need.

Just like that, all these tools, in essence, help improve business practices by automating them. This not only adds another layer of efficiency, but also boosts your overall success rate.

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