QuickBooks: a smart solution for the hardest job

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In an Internet-savvy age, consumers are increasingly going mobile – and business owners should, too. Retailers, restaurant need the latest point of sale (POS) systems that can work with the latest technology to make work functions efficient.

No doubt, software integration is the main feature any business person should be on the lookout for when picking the best POS system – whether your business is small or large.

Wondering, “What POS system can offer that – and more?” look no further. Oscar POS has integrated with QuickBooks – for all the right reasons.

  • An integrated POS-accounting solution does all the hard work for you: it automatically updates data of each day, ranging from summary sales to inventory and reports.


  • There is no need for extra expenses of time, money or energy from your side, either. In fact, trivial tasks like calculating pay, producing payslips and sales’ calculations are completely automated to ensure minimum error – and maximum time saved.


  • Invoices are often lost or misplaced. Through QuickBooks integration with POS, the data is sorted all in one place for review and checking. Exporting reports and invoices now is an easy and fast process.


  • When small business owners want to take their company to the next level, they often have to step beyond their comfort zone, and into a competitive field. Fortunately, Oscar’s integration with QuickBooks makes the leap easy for you. With its user-friendly interface, you get to experience technology at its finest, right at your fingertips.

Oscar POS is the only POS company in Pakistan that offers QuickBooks integration with its point-of-sale software. So it’s no mystery why Oscar POS offers the smartest solution for the hardest of jobs. If you need a POS integrated with QuickBooks for your business, you can visit our website: oscar.pk

Or you can call us: +92 (311) 280-2210


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