Learn How To Sell Anywhere With a Mobile POS System

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Mobile POS systems have been steadily and rapidly on the rise – and they will  only continue to grow in the coming years.

The benefits to your business and customers of a mobile POS system are numerous and easy to understand. If you take the opportunity to learn from successful retailers who are already employing mobile point-of-sale, stellar customer experience is well within your reach.

The ability to move your point of purchase around your store is a simple modification that can revolutionize the shopping experience for your customers. It holds the power to completely change the way your store functions and enables you to put customers first without being hamstrung by technology.


Let’s look at a few ways that a mobile POS system can benefit both store owners and customers.


1- Reduce friction on employees and ease customers

Customers no longer have to experience long queues and wait in checkout lines. Lengthy queues can rapidly take over a whole store during peak selling hours, especially for smaller retailers. Fewer, shorter checkout lines mean customers are far less likely to abandon their items. Long lines and impatient customers can also stress the staff. When you cut down the checkout line with mobile POS, you ease this pressure, enabling your team to spend more time and energy connecting with customers.

A mobile POS system is also helpful for your retail employees. Store associates can quickly consult their mobile device (powered by your POS system) to check stock levels and quickly access product information. With a mobile POS system, staff members are better equipped to help customers, answer questions, and check inventory availability without regularly running off to  storage rooms and digging for products.


2- Connect with your customers

Traditional  POS systems have a way of slicing and dicing the customer experience. Customers interact with one employee on the sales section when they have a question and another interaction entirely when making a purchase. Instead of dealing with one staff member and developing a personal rapport, many customers rarely interact with the sales staff and barely make small talk with cashiers, and instead rush through the checkout line.

With a mobile POS system, one staff member can manage a customer’s entire journey.

Employees can transition seamlessly from helping customers to making recommendations to completing the sale.

When your team is able to build a connection with customers, they can foster a feeling of trust and make more personalized product recommendations. This makes it easier to upsell and cross-sell, resulting in more and larger sales. Plus, when the checkout process is fast, there are fewer barriers and less friction when making a sale.


3- Gather reliable customer information

In the e-commerce world, there are many opportunities to gather information about your customers to help you market your products and to better serve them. Brick-and-mortar retailers don’t experience as many opportunities to collect customer information, but a mobile POS system can help that.

For example, customers can opt to receive an email receipt instead of a letter by post. This gives you access to their email address and is a perfect opportunity to ask customers to subscribe to your email list.

The days of single-channel shopping are long past, so gaining access to your customers’ digital habits is more important than ever. Engaging customers across the channels they frequent most (think online, social media, and in-store) offers you the chance to stay top of mind. Emailing receipts instead of printing them is also a lot greener, saving you a few bucks while also helping the environment.

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