How to Run Multi-Outlets Like a Pro

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Running a retail store on it’s own is a pretty big ordeal – running multiple outlets is a whole other story.

But just because something is daunting, does not mean it’s impossible. With the right strategies, equipment and data in your hands, you can be a master of all your outlets in no time.

Keep on reading to find out how even you can run all your stores like a prodigy.

Choose the right managers and staff

It is no understatement when we say that your business is as strong as your team. Since you can’t be at all your stores at the same time, someone has to be given enough autonomy to run operations while you’re not around. This is where hiring the right kind of managers and staff comes into play.

Hiring the right people does not necessarily mean hiring entirely new people – in fact, it is better to train your current staff into managerial positions. This helps promote trustworthy people into fairly stronger business positions; it also saves a lot of time and energy you’d end up wasting over programs to recruit and train entirely new people. It is a great first step.

Let systems run your store

Bert Martinez, founder of Bert Martinez Communications, says, “Systems will allow you to duplicate offices and grow faster with reduce training times and supervision.” And he could not have been more correct.

Since you cannot be at all your stores at the same time, setting up a good system helps make sure all business operations are uniform no matter which outlet you visit. Setting clear boundaries and authorities for your staff and managers to follow helps give them the reins even if you’re unavailable. In such cases, a strong sense of accountability promotes good work ethics; let your employees know that they cannot compromise on their responsibilities.

Another thing up our sleeves are Standard Operating Procedures – or SOPs. This helps maintain a system by aligning rules and regulations for all aspects of your business, making sure all of your outlets are on the same page as far as protocols go. Some important SOPs include:

    • Customer service
    • Merchandising
    • Security
    • Transactions

Adopt technology

No matter how much of a one-man army you may be, there are always going to be some aspects of business you can’t control with your own two hands. Here, you’ll need the help of a kind of technology that will synchronise all your stores within one platform.

The best solution for that is a cloud-based system.

A good retail software in Pakistan is Oscar POS, which is advanced enough to integrate various features including customer relationship management, accounting, and even point of sale (POS) functions. All these programs not only function individually but also work collectively, to create a whole, comprehensive picture of your business. And a bonus? All your data is on the cloud, so everything is safe, secure, and accessible at any time, any place!

Communication is key

This goes without saying, but maintain contact with all your outlets actively is what decides how well you know your business. There’s no point in running multiple stores if you don’t know what’s going on over there.

Talk to all your managers and employees whenever you can. You need not have hour-long phone calls – a simple update on how your store is running can do wonders if done regularly. Make sure you conduct visits at your stores in a timely manner, because some things you’d rather see for yourself than believe for word-of-mouth. If that’s not entirely possible, even webcam meetings between you and your team members work!

The main aim is to have your eyes and ears in all your stores, regardless of whether you’re physically there or not. It also helps let your staff feel valued and well-assisted – they know they can trust someone even during times of difficulty, helping to harbour a strong sense of unity.

It’s always good to grab the bull by its horns instead of dodging the adversities all the time. That’s why you should not hesitate when it comes to managing multiple stores at once. Use these points, and capitalise every business opportunity you get.

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