Oscar Udhaar: An App For The Ambitious

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Small businesses are important for every community and their survival is extremely vital. In an era of globalization it is paramount that small businesses move forward along with the rest of the world and adapting digital means of communication improves the overall condition of the business. 

Oscar Udhaar is the ideal solution businesses will need to cater to every kind of udhaar and improve their overall cash flow. A great way to improve cash flow and earn profits is to go digital with your accounts – by incorporating a credit management app, that is, Oscar Udhaar that helps you keep track of your debts as well as give credit to customers. Managing debit/credit can be challenging especially if owners lose track of their customers to whom they have supplied goods on loan. Luckily, technology has helped eliminate numerous problems associated with credit management and to put it simply, Oscar Udhaar is like hiring the perfect employee who always follows your direction, never lets anything fall through the cracks, and works 24/7! With this application, business owners may never miss an opportunity to achieve growth, profits, and overall positive results.

Oscar Udhaar features are easy to use and are offered in both Urdu and English which makes it accessible to store owners from all areas across Pakistan. With Udhaar, storeowners can keep track of their customers online and offline whilst keeping their information confidential. Business owners can add their customers’ names and phone numbers, whilst data is saved and encrypted as soon as the user makes an entry in the Customer Phonebook. This will help in automating your account ledgers instead of having to rely on man power. 

Moreover, Udhaar’s tracking feature allows businesses to keep track of their customers’ payment schedule so that each payment is made without delay or any sort of fraud.  And lastly, the amount of credit to be given can be easily added and the payments receivable can also be calculated efficiently. Apart from these features, you can also alter or drop exchanges with only a couple of steps, allowing you to be in full control.

Now here is a look at a few of the benefits of downloading Oscar Udhaar:


  • Effortless management

Regular audits regarding the debts of your business is crucial, but it is also complicated, stressful and time-consuming without the use of effective technology. Your business could face trouble if payments are delayed or customers have defaulted and you could eventually go bankrupt. With the help of Oscar Udhaar, you can keep track of your customers’ payment schedules and receive payment on time. Management of the cash flow with Oscar Udhaar will keep your business efficient and compliant with the rest of the world.   


  • Avoid errors

Without an advanced credit management app, your business has to manually review data and identify errors. In addition to this taking an unnecessary amount of time and energy, the risks associated with human error and data theft are significant. Thanks to Oscar Udhaar, hiring additional employees to analyze data is no longer needed and the risk of human error also diminishes. When you upgrade to an automated application, you are ensured that all data is entered into the system accurately and can be extracted on demand within minutes.


  • Improved security 

Protecting your customer’s data is a serious concern that requires your full attention. Your customers entrust you with their phone numbers, income records and other critical information. If this information falls into the wrong hands, your customers may be affected by identity theft or financial fraud. More than that, your business may face a public relations controversy and be exposed to litigation expenses and penalties. Luckily, with Oscar Udhaar, you can keep all your customer information in the Customer Phonebook that encrypts data and saves information as soon as entries are made. It is a paperless process that can save your business extensive amounts of money otherwise spent on consulting with security firms. 

With Oscar Udhaar downloaded on your mobile phone, you can work from anywhere. You can access data through the mobile app and respond to client inquiries anywhere and at anytime, without being tethered to a workstation or office. This will save you time and help you manage your business efficiently. With this application your business always gets the best experience!

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