Here’s How Your Grocery Store Can Avoid Food Waste

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When we talk about food waste, we are too quick to point the finger at consumers – and forget the other possible culprit: grocery stores.

Though their contribution is slight, it is enough to worsen the growing problem of food wastage. Instead of letting them slip past under the radar, grocery store owners must recognise the way they contribute to food wasting away – whether its by throwing away expired products, or hoarding them in warehouses for months on end. In either case, they must work to avoid such instances.

Here is how:

Order Wisely

The best way to solve a problem is by looking at its cause. In much the same way, the problem of food wastage can be solved by ordering wisely.

This means a grocer must order as much as he needs, not as much as he wants. Orders should be made while keeping in mind the amount of storage available. Any amount that’s exceeding it means you’re wasting products before you’re even selling them!

Make sure the orders you get are all fresh and high-quality. Too often, suppliers can throw grocery stores under the bus by giving away low-quality – or even expired – products. To avoid that, assign employees to check every order before setting them up on shelves.

Display Products Smartly

We admit, a giant pyramid of fruits looks aesthetically pleasing, but what of the products hidden underneath?

The truth is simple: the produce you don’t see stay hidden underneath fancy shelving techniques, and are the first to spoil away. Instead of risking your products going to waste for the sake of a few “oohs” and “aahs”, you should place them smartly.

Go for spaced out arrangements, by placing fewer products at a time. Not only does this dramatically reduce the problem of food waste, but it also makes it easier for the customers the shop around – after all, they prefer a less-cluttered look around the store.

Reorder Efficiently

Another problem that contributes to food waste is the process of reordering something once it runs out.

It’s too easy for grocery store owners to order more than they need to. However, this plan of efficiency eventually backfires when the excess products keep on sitting in warehouses, getting damaged from disuse.

One way to solve this issue is by investing in a point of sale (POS) system. Grocery POS systems in Pakistan can do wonders to control food wastage – especially Oscar. It’s got an inventory management software that not only gives automatic alerts for low stocks, but also shows you what product is selling more, and what’s not, through accurate analytics. Such tools help you keep your warehouse and store connected, all while making sure no product goes to waste.

In today’s world, people are becoming increasingly aware of the way they impact the world. That’s why as a grocery store owner, you must be willing to resolve the issue of food waste before it leaves a scar on Planet Earth.

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