Hotel Digital Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

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“Survival of the fittest” is no new concept in the business world; for all kinds of industries, it is necessary to adapt to modern ways of technology, so that they don’t lag behind in the race towards success. That goes for hotels, too.

Perhaps the best way to garner attention to a hotel is through digital marketing – which happens to be the talk of the town these days. Everyone has access to a smartphone, and everyone has access to the Internet, so why not engage with your audience through such a vast channel?

Here’s how you can gauge all the benefits of digital marketing to get bookings at your hotel:

Improve SEO

The search engine happens to be the first step to a majority of people interested in travelling, or booking a hotel room. So, take advantage of this checkpoint by improving SEO practices.

SEO helps carry your hotel name up the ranking of search results, and you need to make sure your name pops up when people search for great hotels to stay at. For that, you need to exercise some good optimisation practices:

  • Add media like images, videos and GIFs to your website so people stick to your content
  • Add links to other parts of your website so that they all get optimised simultaneously
  • Include relevant, precise keywords in your content so that your page gets ranked up in search results

The goal is to make your hotel shine amidst the sea of search results; so make sure your content is crisp, simple to read and eye-catching.

Create A User-friendly Website

If you want people to book a room at your hotel through your website, you need to make sure their experience on your website is smooth and simple. The best way to achieve that is by going mobile.

Apart from having a regular desktop website, a mobile website allows people to check out your hotel directly through their smartphones. This takes advantage of the fact that nowadays, people use their smartphones the most. Therefore, by having a mobile-friendly website, you can interact with a larger audience easily.

Prevail On Social Media

Online platforms offer a great pool of people who can potentially be your next customers. That’s why being present on social media is a great way to gauge interest.

Apart from posting regular content about your hotel’s interior, perks and benefits, be sure to interact with your audience regularly. Ask your customers how their experience went, and help out people who may have questions about your business. Whether it’s the comments section, direct messaging or separate groups and pages, be interactive so that your business feels like its thriving across all social media.

After having employed all these tactics, you should check their success rates. A great way to accomplish that – while simultaneously improving all other work functions – is by investing in a smart POS system. POS software in Karachi are more than capable to give you omnichannel powers, and Oscar simply takes the cake. It’s eCommerce feature lets you tap into key metrics like average conversion rates, click-through rate, and more.

With these smart digital marketing tactics, we hope you can take your hotel to the next level.

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