Why You Should Embrace Predictability

 In Customer Experience

There are many aspects that come into play while running a business – inventory, sales, employees, accounts, and much more. One of the most important parts of a successful business is, of course, customer satisfaction.

So how do you make customers satisfied? Well, the simplest response to that would be: “Put out a good product!” While that’s pretty logical, customer satisfaction is much more than just that.

Perhaps the one thing that most entrepreneurs ignore when it comes to making customers keep coming back for more is predictability. It is the factor that helps customers foresee a result of an interaction they do with a business. While it sounds like a minor detail, it actually has the potential to make or break your brand’s customer management skills.

So why is predictability so important? Let’s find out:

Develop Trust With Your Customers

When a customer interacts with your business multiple times, they expect to be treated in a consistent but positive way. If you continue to meet their needs, you will inevitably develop a strong sense of trust with them. Customers will begin to realize that they know what to expect when they step inside your store, and so will feel closer to you. This builds loyalty.

Create A Sense Of Control

Customers who know what to expect are more prepared when they step inside a certain store. Because of that, they feel more confident while browsing your shelves for their favorite product, or ordering their favorite meal from the menu. This kind of confidence gives them a sense of control they might not get otherwise anywhere else, especially if it’s unpredictable to begin with. Hence, customers will consider your business to be the best option.

Show Reliability

If your business happened to be unpredictable, any customer stepping inside would always experience a different customer journey every time. It would be a hassle every time they wanted to navigate through your store – and so they won’t trust you to give them a comfortable experience the next time you came. That’s a problem that predictability can cure: it helps customers consider you reliable enough to give them exactly what they need, however way they need it.

One repercussion that predictability brings, however, is that it raises expectations among customers that you’ll deliver their requests all the time. While that’s the goal in ideal cases, that’s not always a realistic approach; the best way to deal with that is to work on the customer’s in-store experience as a whole.

There are many aspects that contribute to the success of a customer journey, but if you want to measure its success, then you need to invest in a Loyalty Program. Such a software can collect feedback from your customers directly, and give you actionable results, so that you can understand how to care for your customers better.

While a lot of people love surprises, that’s not always the best route to pick when it comes to satisfying your customers. Perhaps the best thing you can do is adhere to predictability, so that your customers are always consistently happy with your business.

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