The 4 Evils: Things Beauty Salon Owners should never do

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Do you want to open your own beauty salon, and establish yourself within this booming beauty industry? We wouldn’t be surprised if that idea has ever popped in your mind. With the increasing popularity of beauty influencers on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube etc., one thing is obvious: a business in this field has a lot of chances of gaining success.

However, I’d be wrong to say it’s easy. Just like starting any other business, launching your own beauty salon requires dedication, clever strategies and smart investments. Don’t make basic mistakes that could potentially result in you losing customers to competitors.

Let’s discuss some of the most common mistakes people make while opening their own beauty salons – make sure you steer clear away!


Ignoring Customer Service

Sometimes salon owners get so caught up in trying to get new customers that they completely overlook their long-time patrons. This can potentially harm a young business that is barely trying to stand on its own two feet.

Perhaps the main reason people are so quick to ignore this aspect of running a beauty salon is that they think people coming to salons need nothing more than outward beautification. There is a lot more than that.

In fact, aside from getting dolled up, women predominantly consider the spa sensation as a mode of relaxation and a chance to bond with stylists and fellow customers. You as a salon owner should take note of this, and give priority to customer service. Focus on trying to give patrons the best, most memorable and relaxing salon experience – you need them to keep coming back for your services.

Interior design can greatly contribute to this – so don’t hesitate to invest in keeping the interiors of your salon beautiful and neat. Using subdued lighting and warm-toned wallpaper helps maintain a calm atmosphere. Have a ready supply of fashion magazines, as well as TV programs that cater to your patron’s interests.


Advertise Ineffectively

Just because you picked a location with a lot of human traffic does not mean you’ll automatically start getting clients – relying on just words and sight like that spells nothing but danger for your business. You need to put the announcement out there – that your beauty salon is here to stay.

More importantly, you need to adjust a budget solely for marketing. Since your salon is bound to be against bigger competitors – especially in a community as a niche as the beauty community – a purposeful marketing campaign will create visibility for your product and your audience.

Be sure to use the fund for launching an advertising campaign in local newspapers, televisions, billboards and more. In an internet-savvy world, publicising your salon through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is bound to attract a younger – and more dynamic – demographic.


Failing to take care of your Salon

Once you decide to become a salon owner, you need to act like one. No longer can you rely on your creative talents – it may reign in clients, but it won’t generate profits. This is the point where you have to consider the beauty salon as a business journey, and not a creative journey.

In order to run a business to success, you need to set a system in place – refined, simple, and completely documented without any loopholes. Keeping this kind of strict habit form the get-go will help you stay disciplined in all business activities, ensuring that your employees do the same as well. You can invest in beauty salon POS systems like Oscar POS that can give you great command over work functions like inventory management, reporting, employee management and much more.


Inadequate handling of Technicians

The technicians you hire will make or break your business; they can either bring in clients with their creativity or cause you trouble by disobeying direct orders.

The only way to deal with this right off the bat is by carefully screening any technician before hiring them; have them carry out trials so that you may analyse their true skills before officially hiring them, and conduct interviews to see how well can they speak with others. Keep your standards high when hiring new staff – because the quality of work stays forever.

For most people, the thought of opening a beauty salon never becomes a reality because they are afraid of failure. However, this very fear of failure turns into a valuable lesson when you realise that every successful salon out there has made their fair share of mistakes.

How did they still manage to make it to the top? Of course – through hard work, and a passion to succeed.

It is helpful to know that drawbacks are a part of any journey – but what stands out as victory is the dedication to continue onward.

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