Revenue Strategies for Retailers Navigating COVID-19

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As the Coronavirus continues to impact people, businesses, and communities everywhere, our hearts go out to everyone directly or indirectly affected by the virus. At this very moment, we would like to assist all of our customers and the businesses around the world be successful, both now and at all times. We’re here for you.

It is important now – perhaps more than ever to stay connected with your customers. It could be your store’s status, driving more sales, getting your loyalty or tossing email marketing with an impact, Oscar has the right suggestions for you

At Oscar, we have worked with our clients to come up with some short term techniques to get you out of this dungeon, and yes, don’t worry about the costs of marketing over this period.


Promote Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a source to an immediate infusion of cash and indeed – ensure that a customer comes back to your business in the future. For businesses with especially zero leverage, gift cards can help you take a good breadth until the crisis ends

To further incentivize customers, you can offer a discount on gift cards, or even tie hands with complimentary local businesses to drive some more marketing opportunities that can help you acquire a bigger audience. Finally, to obey the law of social distancing and human contact, you should consider digital gift cards to share in your social media and email marketing campaigns.


Equip Your Clients With Technology to Serve Remotely

Offering store associates with basic and simple technology, devices, and support whilst working remotely can be a step towards continuous customer relationships with loyal brand customers. Retailers who manage to work from home can supervise their daily business while also staying in touch with their key clients. 

With POS software and mobile apps, employees can maintain better communications with customers including: providing recommendations, helping with basket fulfillment, answering any questions, remote pay, and real-time solutions. 


Build a Pre-Order Strategy

You are not the only one struggling to keep your businesses afloat, customers understand that it’s a difficult time for all local businesses. Local small businesses in times like these seek Community-based fundings to help themselves lock down cash. 

One possible approach is to outright ask customers to pre-order basic products either by paying the full amount or maybe just a deposit.


Prepare an Off-Premise Service Game Plan 

You, I, and each one of us is looking for one thing only – the business as usual. That means customers are looking for normalcy. Everyone wants to change their routine, and all of us are way more tired than the time when we used to go out. So, let’s try to figure out how you can help offer some normality for customers.

If you’re a restaurant, for example, offer take-away and delivery only. You can take orders online through a Messenger bot or SMS to save costs on using delivery service providers like Foodpanda. 



As business owners and marketers try to adjust to the rapid changes during the pandemic, they are coming up with different strategies to bring revenue into their stores. Armed with these unique revenue strategies, you can keep money coming in and your business afloat for the long-run. 

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