The Right Wi-fi Storm

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Wi-fi is considered to be the soul of POS.

Retail businesses as much as they involve a POS System, make great use of a Wi-Fi connection, daily. An internet connection is essential for multiple things, from sending emails and sharing important data to effective marketing. For these reasons and more, every store needs an active and proper functioning Wi-Fi, otherwise, there’ll be a list of pending tasks and responsibilities.

While deciding the perfect location for your store, you must take care of matters that concern Wi-Fi connectivity. Your business’ physical location cannot be anywhere near an unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity area. For a store with a functioning internet connection, a wireless set up is needed, and store location should be decided accordingly. There are always a few places that stand out and may be perfect for setting up routers and enabling signals to pass completely to your Oscar POS System. You can use a few tricks to magically work your Wi-Fi perfectly.

Scan through Wi-Fi Coverage

Wi-Fi signals are not entirely equal at every place. Where signals reach effectively and may load the Oscar POS system immediately, those further from that area may discover a slower range of signals. The cash register situated the farthest, in the back of your local store may be deprived of a speedy connection. An unequal transmission of signals may explain this but can be resolved through a Wi-Fi Heatmapper program. Retail businesses can download this program to detect areas where another router or extender may need to be installed. Computers and Oscar POS system can be arranged accordingly, as the map will thoroughly present the access points and an extensively detailed map of your location.

Strong and Steady

Coupled with a WPA2 connection, retail businesses need a powerful password. Not only does the combination of these defense tricks save your stores from potential hackers and data breach but will keep confidential information from customers.

Range Boosters

With a gargantuan store, there’ll be multitudinous points of connectivity. In such cases, a Wi-Fi range extender may be useful. These are available at fairly reasonable prices and may largely affect the internet connection’s speed.

Break a Wall

In certain cases, thick walls, along with other objects, such as electronics and metals tend to block Wi-Fi signals. Wi-Fi better transmits signals sideways and down, and if the router is placed on flood level, it may be difficult to catch signals. Best place would be setting the router centrally, so the whole business can benefit equally, with the antennas posting upwards.

Stay Mysterious

Protect your business and its confidential data from dangerous hackers. This is possible through the WPA2 option that is available once Wi-Fi is being set up. This is the strongest yet latest Wi-Fi encryption standard and will secure your private information from being disclosed.

Hence, as important as Wi-Fi remains for your retail business, its proper functioning and applicability matter too. Signal strength plays a major role in determining the success of your sales to a certain extent, so induce these tricks while planning your business and welcome an increase in your sale revenues.

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