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A ‘Contact Us’ page might seem like just another standard link in the navigation menu, however, it is often one of the most under-optimized locations in a stores’ website.

While you’ve probably put a lot of thought into making your landing page represent your brand vision and personality, basic pages tend to get a lot less attention. But by making your contact page more personable, more inviting and more unique, you’ll be giving your customers a better experience.


Why is a Contact Us page important?

Trust is the most important currency online stores have. Potential customers are more likely to purchase when they trust your brand, and existing customers are more likely to recommend you and make repeat purchases when they trust you.

Contact forms also helps reassure customers that there is someone listening to complaints and feedback and working towards creating a better shopping experience for them. Making it easy for customers to contact you if something goes wrong can save a sale (and a customer) who’s had a bad experience through a missing delivery or a damaged product. 

Finally, being available to answer questions can help convert a curious website visitor into a customer. When a customer delays a purchase, often times it’s because they still have unanswered questions or they are just uncertain/indecisive whilst purchasing a product.  If you’re easy to contact, customers can get the answers they need and add that item to their shopping cart right away.


Choosing the goals of your Contact Us page

Not every Contact Us page serves the same purpose. Plus, you have other pages that serve different purposes, including a Homepage and an About Us page template. Deciding the potential audience of your Contact Us page helps determine what features or fields to include.


Here are a few common purposes for Contact Us Pages:

  • Support: Help resolve the concerns of existing customers who are facing issues with their order, those who want to return or exchange a product, or those who are having trouble completing an order.


  • Sales: Help potential customers make a decision, convert prospects into customers and offer a channel for bulk or warehouse orders.


  • Press or PR: Help the media get in touch with the right people to talk to about your brand story and spread the word to potential customers.


  • Human Resources: Help potential employees apply for a job or ask questions about your company.


Your contact page should help as many types of visitors as possible find exactly where they need to go. Understanding what kind of visitors you want to help will guide the content of your Contact Us page.

Take a queue from’s Contact Us template. It addresses their existing customers’ needs as well as potential customers’ interests by a Request A Demo section where customers can leave their contact information for further assistance regarding Oscar’s products. Furthermore, their support team is available 24/7 via email and text to take care of queries. This gives an overall support to a customer and encourages them to keep in touch with the brand. 


Encouraging the right kind of contacts

One of the biggest concerns retailers have when adding a Contact Us page is that they will be overwhelmed with customer emails and phone calls. This is rarely the case, but there are a few proactive steps you can take to help customers help themselves before they contact you.

First, link to your FAQs or Help Center at the top of the page. Suggest that finding an answer via the FAQs might be faster than waiting for a human response. 

Most customers would prefer to answer their own questions or not run into problems in the first place. By making it easy for customers to help themselves, you can reduce the number of unnecessary contacts you receive through your contact form.


5 traits of effective Contact Us pages

These five traits highlighted below will help you make the most of your contact page to convert prospects into customers, and unhappy customers into supporters.


  1. Make your contact page easy to find

If no one can find your Contact Us page, there’s no point in having one. Being accessible means that customers can easily navigate to your contact page when they need to talk to you. There’s two places that work really well: your main navigation bar, or the footer at the bottom of every page.


  1. Create a contact page that’s welcoming

Once customers find your Contact Us page, do they get the impression that you actually welcome emails, phone calls, and feedback?It sounds obvious, but depending on what your page actually says, your customers might not actually follow through with contacting you.


  1. Include all relevant contact information

If there are ways your customers can contact you other than email, it’s important to include them on the page as well. For example, if you have a business phone number or a physical location, list them there. There might be other information you need to convey to customers on your contact page:

  • A map of where you’re physically located
  • Email addresses for wholesale orders
  • Business hours and expected response times


  1. Feature a relevant Call to Action

Eventually, someone will find your contact page and fill out the form to contact you. This is a great opportunity to invite them to do something else! Sign up to your newsletter, check out your sale products or follow you on social media.


  1. Proudly represent your brand

If your brand is friendly and caters to a younger generation, don’t shy away from bringing that personality into important touch points on your site—nothing creates a disconnect quite like whimsical marketing copy paired with dry, corporate salutations on your contact page.

The more approachable your contact page is, the easier it will be for customers to surface concerns and ask questions. After all, you can’t resolve problems you don’t know about!

Combining all the traits listed above into an attractive, brand conscious contact page can seem daunting. But it’s easier than you think. It just shows that you can take the basic traits of a Contact Us page and make it something special for your store to better serve your customers.

A boring or confusing contact page will only weigh you down, whereas a great page will put customers at ease and help them find solutions or provide better feedback when they have something to say. Because your contact page is often the first place people go to for help, this first impression also sets the tone for the rest of your conversations. Make it count! 

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