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When everything has become digitized why should you keep your restaurant lagging behind? The easiest way to automate and digitize your restaurant operations is by implementing the best restaurant pos software.


Nowadays every restaurant wants an affordable service provider that caters to all your POS needs. Oscar POS system is the ultimate solution as it can help restaurants maximize growth and discover new business opportunities. As per the latest regulation, every POS has to be FBR integrated POS, Which is why Oscar offers the restaurants FBR integrated POS system. Oscar POS gives the following benefits to restaurants.


Inventory Management

Oscar POS system will ensure that your kitchen will never run out of raw material. It will give you real-time alerts whenever an item reaches its reorder level. Its Inventory Management features will allow you to control stock and inventory.


Detailed Analysis

Oscar FBR integrated POS system will help restaurants upload sale invoices and credit notes directly to FBR. It enables you to extract periodic reports from this POS system in order to evaluate your current performance and be able to make better strategic decisions. This can reduce the efforts when filing taxes.


Better Relationship with Customers

Loyalty programs are a great way to increase customer retention. Integrated with the Oscar Customer Related Management feature you can run customized Loyalty Programs and target customers better. Oscar FBR integrated POS system can help restaurants build customer databases and increase customer spending.


Manage Multiple Outlets

Oscar POS system will enable you to operate your multiple outlets from a single location. Oscar Multi-Store Management feature will allow restaurants to receive a detailed account of sales reports across all outlets. Restaurants will also receive the stocks available in all outlets and even a comparison of sales reports across all outlets through the restaurant pos system.

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