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Retail managers and store owners have many employee management duties, ranging from scheduling floor staff to evaluating their sales performance. However, a point of sale software can be used by managers to track employee activities, whether it’s hours worked or sales made. POS systems can even manage employee schedules and streamline HR and training, putting all your data and reports when and where you need them. Oscar FBR POS, the best POS system in Pakistan, has an employee management feature that makes it easy for managers to keep business running smoothly and the employees happy. Let’s look at the most common ways POS can help in employee management.

Point of sale software can help accurately track when employees are working. POS offers an efficient and quick time tracking solution for both managers and employees. Also, a point of sale software can simplify payroll when employees work overtime. Moreover, one of the most tedious parts of managing employees is making out the schedule. With POS systems, you can track employee hours, but you can make updates and changes in the system to streamline the process. POS systems like Oscar also allow managers to accept or reject time off requests and shift trades. In addition, Oscar POS is cloud-based software, so managers can access it from anywhere and at any time, meaning you can quickly and easily make last-minute changes.

In addition, point of sale software allows getting detailed employee reports to track performance so managers can identify and reward top employees. For example, managers can use POS software to run reports to determine who your top and poorest performing employees are, which employees process the most sales and who are working overtime. They can then use all this information to make strategic scheduling decisions, reward high performers and provide extra training to boost productivity for employees.

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