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Operating a retail store or any other business calls for a range of administrative and management skills. From ensuring there is enough inventory, to putting together sales tax reports, these skills are necessary for your business to run smoothly.  A POS system serves as the central component for your business. It is the hub where everything like sales, inventory management, customer management and payment processing merges. Having an efficient point of sale system like Oscar can go a long way in making sure that all your operations are working simultaneously. Here we will look at the key features of a POS system that business needs.

Inventory Management

nventory management is a core feature of the POS system as it is so closely tied to sales transactions. You need all the sales data you can get to run the business efficiently, and having a point of sale system that has inventory management features helps you keep items restocked while ensuring products that aren’t so popular switched out for something else. Oscar POS inventory management feature allows you to manage inventory anytime and from anywhere. This POS system also allows you to predict inventory requirements and improve supply chain and maximize cash flows.

Customer Relationship Management

How much customer data business needs to collect for marketing efforts? A point of sale system can gather email addresses, contact information and also track customers buying and purchasing trends. This allows your business to create specific and targeted offers. With Oscar POS customer relationship management feature businesses can create customer profiles and keep customers engaged by updating new offers. In addition, POS system allows you to send personalized emails and arrange offers to keep customers committed and also involve customers with on-target social messages and grow your business. Other key features of Oscar POS include employee management, multi store management, reporting and metrics,e-commerce and much more.

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