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To be successful with your jewelry store, attention to detail is crucial. From catering to customers who are looking for an engagement ring or a graduation gift. To make every transaction a memorable experience, your daily tasks can become quite deal with orders, inventory management, your suppliers and other tasks around the business. Therefore, you need a reliable jewelry store system. Oscar’s POS system has the solution because by using such a system you can create customer profiles, tag your inventory and even sell your jewelry online. Currently as per the latest regulation, every POS has to be in accordance with FBR POS regulations. So Oscar even offers its customers FBR integrated POS software.

There are a lot of ways a POS system can benefit jewelry stores and allow them to grow their business. For a jewelry store it is important to maintain a good and organized inventory system. Oscar inventory management feature allows you to manage inventory conveniently and optimally. It ensures that your jewelry is in stock and it also updates your quantity on hand automatically after every purchase.

Moreover if your jewelry store has more than one outlet then it might be difficult sometimes to manage them all. But Oscar’s multi store management feature allows you to manage all your outlets efficiently from a single location.

Furthermore it is the goal of any business to turn first time customers into returning customers. Oscar FBR integrated POS system allows you to record client’s information and manage it so it is easy to keep in touch with them. In addition, Oscar’s customer feedback feature allows you to check feedback reports from your Oscar dashboard so that you are able to understand your customers better. Also Oscar FBR integrated POS system can provide you data about sales tax and other tariff related information which you can include in the annual reports.

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