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POS systems have moved beyond processing sales and are becoming an integrated part of an entire business operation. Restaurant cloud-based POS systems like Oscar allow users to split checks, quickly search items on the menu, track server performances, process online and tableside orders, and even track what menu items are selling well.

Cellphone point of sale software like Oscar allows businesses to track sales in real-time, manage inventory, build a customer directory and have customers pay intuitively. There are many ways POS systems are changing. In the past when businesses had to run a report they would have to import both results into a spreadsheet. Nowadays because of the shared commerce POS system businesses can save plenty of time by automating the process. Oscar POS synchronizes financial and product information in a centralized dashboard. This way you have quick and easy access to real-time data and customer insights, without the hassle of running reports on multiple systems.

New POS systems integrate real-time transactions with customer relationship management solutions to help businesses increase sales and boost revenue. Whereas previous POS systems could only provide basic data regarding customer behavior, POS integration makes it possible to see which customers are driving your sales and whose loyalty is worth pursuing. Oscar is one such solution. With Oscar POS, businesses can create client records, CRM tasks, and email marketing lists straight from their POS.

Moreover, small businesses can now have affordable access to powerful data right at their fingertips from their POS system. Oscar, a POS system for small businesses offers data gathering and reporting features that give you insights into how your business is doing. 

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