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There is a lot involved when running a gym or any niche fitness club. You are concerned about customer services, finances and maintaining equipment. If you want your operations to run efficiently, you will have to focus on maintaining all these responsibilities. A POS system can ease the pressure of day to day fitness club workflow and finance management.

Running your gym is hard work.  There is a secret weapon that any gym or fitness club could use to make their business run better, and that is Oscar’s POS system designed specifically for gyms. However as per new regulation every POS system must be FBR integrated POS system and Oscar offers you just that.

A POS system can help fitness clubs in many ways. When your clients inquire about a class, it is a prime opportunity to increase your fitness club’s revenue. However, due to outdated systems sometimes the booking process can be a tedious and lengthy process for staff or members. But with a multi-functional system like Oscar’s FBR integrated POS system, front desk staff have the power to book a class, bill an account, take payments and even send reminders.

Nowadays, consumers are expecting to find many of the solutions they seek in one place. In fitness terms, this means members of your fitness club want you to offer more. They expect you will offer them other health related solutions like protein powders, nutrition cookbooks or other secondary goods. However, along with the enhanced member experience and extra revenue, secondary spend can also bring more operational complexity. Oscar POS system can help your staff generate sales, manage inventory and complete & store payment transactions for secondary spend goods. In short Oscar allows you to carry operations of all types with maximum productivity and simplicity.

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