5 Reasons to Download Oscar Udhaar

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Oscar Udhaar is the ideal solution businesses will need to cater to every kind of udhaar. Managing debit/credit can be challenging especially if owners lose track of their customers to whom they have supplied goods on loan. Luckily, technology has helped eliminate numerous problems associated with credit management and to put it simply, Oscar Udhaar is like hiring the perfect employee who always follows your direction, never let anything fall through the cracks, and works 24/7! With this application, business owners may never miss an opportunity to achieve growth, profits, and overall positive results.


1- Better Cash Flow Management

Making use of Oscar Udhaar to manage credit will increase cash flow through increasing recovery rates, reducing the average days outstanding and lowering collection costs. Your stores’ accounts receivables are efficiently managed before they become problems. A constant and predictable cash flow from a stable base of clients allows a more systematic planning for future growth and capital expenditure. Stores have to pay bills on time and if they don’t manage their credit, it could mean potential loss and persistent debt for the business. By focusing on your accounts receivable, reminding customers to pay, identifying invoices earlier in the process, and making it easier for customers to pay – you will have a very clear picture of your cash position. 


2- Effortless tracking

Regular audits regarding the debts of your business is crucial, but it is also complicated, stressful and time-consuming without the use of effective technology. Your business could face trouble if payments are delayed or customers have defaulted and you could eventually go bankrupt. With the help of Oscar Udhaar, you can keep track of your customers’ payment schedules and receive payment on time. Management of the cash flow with Oscar Udhaar will keep your business efficient and compliant with the rest of the world.   


3- Save on Costs

Advanced credit management technology reduces administration and staff costs as keeping accountants to manage ledgers can become inefficient and owners could lose track of the accounts. Thus, instead of hiring numerous accountants, a limited number of well-trained people can manage the application more methodically and save your company the costs.


4- Increase credit management efficiency  

Managing credit can be tough especially if owners keep ledgers. Not only is it time consuming but also accountants could incur mistakes in the cash books which could lead to detrimental effects for the business; the owner could experience losses, debts and potential bankruptcy. Hence, Oscar Udhaar helps in avoiding such errors and warning signs by keeping all accounts digital and automate all tasks related to giving credit and receiving payments. 


5- Improve customer communication and satisfaction

Oscar Udhaar makes it easier for businesses to communicate with customers. You can typically review accounts information, customer information/credit history  and log phone calls. Save time and better serve your customers through improved communication tools embedded in more advanced credit management systems. The application automates everything you need in one centralized location so you can serve your customers better, wasting less of their time, and improving your relationship with them.


6- Minimize credit risk

Every company that extends credit is taking a calculated risk of getting paid on perishable time. With Oscar Udhaar you can monitor your existing customer relationships for customers that are slowly becoming higher risk accounts and set up alerts to notify you of accounts that take longer to pay their bills. Hence managing credit has become less of a worry now that Oscar Udhaar has made it all efficient and methodical.

With Oscar Udhaar downloaded on your mobile phone, you can work from anywhere. You can access data through the mobile app and respond to client inquiries anywhere and at anytime, without being tethered to a workstation or office. This will save you time and help you manage your business efficiently. With this application your business always gets the best experience!

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