Innovation In An App: Oscar Lite

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The business world is fast-paced and competitive – so much so that small stores don’t get the chance to excel in the race to success.

We at Oscar believe that everyone has the right to strive towards business growth, whether they own a mega-company or a small store. For the small store owners especially, we believe that they shouldn’t be left out.

For small stores with big dreams, we are introducing Oscar Lite.

This free mobile application had been developed to innovate the way a store owner can run their store. It’s got vital POS features like sales, analytics, as well as inventory management. Furthermore, it’s got its very own Udhaar management system; this not only lets you automatically calculate a customer’s Udhaar amount, but also keeps track of their previous Udhaar amounts as well.

The application’s own credit system also includes a Customer Phonebook, which lets you store vital contact details of all your customers including email addresses and phone numbers. This is perfect for those kiryana store owners who find it difficult to track the Udhaar amounts of their customers on pen and paper. By automating the entire process, we have successfully gotten rid of a massive headache for most store owners!

Furthermore, Oscar Lite has its own analytics features, which lets you measure many important details like basket summary, best selling item, least selling item, sales by day, and much more. Such metrics are great for store owners looking for ways to scale onward. Most of the times, store owners are left to scramble for ways to grow their businesses – but with Oscar Lite, store owners can gain a great amount of insight.

When we think of innovation, we don’t just think of flying cars or touch-screen gadgets; we think of inventions that make running a business fun and exciting. We think of systems that motivate store owners to take their set-ups to the next level.

Before, they could only dream of improving their businesses – but with Oscar Lite, it can now turn into reality.

Download the app now and experience it yourself: 

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