Success Story – Oscar Won Pasha ICT Awards 2017

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2017 has been a tremendous year for us. From officially launching Oscar in Pakistan, to becoming Pakistan’s # 1 POS software. 2017 brought another great gift for us, as we won P@SHA ICT Awards 2017 in Payment Innovations category on October 27, 2017.

The P@SHA ICT 14th annual Awards ceremony was held at Serena Hotel, Islamabad during a grand gala dinner. This event was held to bring together the technological sector of Pakistan to celebrate and appreciate the innovation and hard work. Attended by various people from mix industries, from successful leaders to entrepreneurs developing in the tech industry.

The competition for P@SHA ICT Awards was extremely tough.The application process kicked of in July, competitors came in from all over the country, and judgings were held in three major cities. The companies pitched in front of esteemed industry experts, who selected Oscar as the winner within Payment Innovations category.

Oscar’s 2018 resolution is to equip Pakistan with an innovative point of sale solution to help businesses grow and operate more efficiently. . Our goal is to enable businesses to sell more with Oscar’s automated marketing and operate better with our predictive inventory management platform.

Let’s look at how Oscar helps businesses flourish, and why it was selected as the winner of P@SHA ICT Awards 2017:

  • Pakistan’s first cloud-based POS system.

Oscar is Pakistan’s first Hybrid POS system, i.e. it works on-premise and in the cloud.

Our cloud-only offering is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, as hardware and deployment costs are relatively lower. Further, since everything is in the cloud, the business owner can focus on the business, and not deal with technological issues.

For larger enterprises, Oscar provides a hybrid infrastructure. This gives you the security of an on-premise infrastructure, with the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure.

In both instances, Hybrid and Cloud, Oscar provides a beautiful mobile app for business owners, so they can access their data from anywhere and stay abreast of their operations.

POS systems are advancing at an amazing speed. It is likely that you’ve noticed the old, clunky cash registers are now a thing of the past.Today, brick and mortar vendors are leaning more towards better-streamlined systems that work on smartphones and tablets, rather than hardware that cost a great deal of money. The business environment is never at a halt, it constantly changes because of which your IT infrastructure has to be flexible. A cloud or hybrid infrastructure keeps you at the vanguard of innovation in your sector. From saving costs to future-proofing your business, Oscar provides a POS System that scales with your business.

  • Oscar makes sales smarter.

Oscar speeds up sales, in-stores and on-the-go. Personalize your counter sales and adapt a smarter way to manage your sales. Equip your counterboard with an Oscar POS stand or carry mPOS anywhere and easily take orders and payments wherever your customers are. The software helps you analyze your sales in different ways such as by day, by an hour, by SKU, by category, etc.  Oscar’s smart POS system generates sophisticated and detailed sales reports and helps inventory managers buy the right items in the right quantity.

  • Payments and Instant purchasing.

Oscar pays an extra attention to Payment Innovations and the reason as to why we won P@SHA ICT Awards 2017 in ‘Payments Innovation’ category. With Oscar’s POS system, transactions are processed faster with no discrepancies. Oscar POS offers a wide selection of payment methods, ranging from credit cards to gift cards.


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