Why Going Paperless Can Help Your Retail Business

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When it comes to running a business, adopting new technologies can often feel daunting. After all, learning how to use new software is challenging, and innovation can sometimes slow down productivity as employees adapt to new systems.

There are many reasons for a business to go paperless, and it’s not only about saving the environment. Today’s shoppers spend most of their lives on computers, tablets, and smartphones and they crave efficiency. When it comes to point of sales, the use of credit and debit cards over cash and checks are at an all-time high. The last thing any customer wants is another paper receipt cluttering their wallet. 

Moreover, customers also prefer the efficiency of automated credit management apps rather than filing for loans through paperwork. Oscar Udhaar is the ideal solution for customers and businesses to give credit and keep track of debts easily and efficiently. Oscar Udhaar is the app of your choice in Pakistan with easy to use features that are offered in both Urdu and English. 

With Udhaar, storeowners can keep track of their customers online and offline whilst keeping their information confidential. 

Business owners can add their customers’ names and phone numbers, whilst data is saved and encrypted as soon as the user makes an entry in the Customer Phonebook. This will help in automating your account ledgers instead of having to rely on man power. 

Moreover, Udhaar’s tracking feature allows businesses to keep track of their customers’ payment schedule so that each payment is made without delay or any sort of fraud.  

And lastly, the amount of credit to be given can be easily added and the payments receivable can also be calculated efficiently. 

Apart from these features, you can also alter or drop exchanges with only a couple of steps, allowing you to be in full control.

On the contrary, Khata Book is an Indian counterpart to Oscar Udhaar which is a digital ledger cash book. It is free, 100% safe and secure for all types of businesses to maintain their customers’ accounts.

Bahi Khatas often are many and take up a lot of space. With Khatabook, you can transfer and manage all your business and personal transactions on your phone. 

Khata Book has many easy to use features as well. You can record and review your transactions with all your customers in one place, customer records and transactions are safe with the system, is available in 11 languages from across the country, send SMS payment reminders to customers who owe you money for free, understand and make better decisions for your business with reports generated by Khatabook and all your transactions are now backed up online automatically. 

These two powerhouse apps are the top rated apps and both possess great features. 

It’s time retailers caught up with the latest technology, and going paperless can be relatively simple for most businesses. Moreover, it’s important to reduce the amount of paper used in your business, and provide ways in which you can implement digital solutions into your operations the right away. Below are a benefits that entrepreneurs can experience with the help of technology:


Increased efficiency

Looking through stacks of paper in search of old files, documents, invoices etc can be a waste of time. Going paperless allows you to be more efficient, and efficiency brings in more profits. Responding to customers quickly is your edge as a small business, and being efficient and paperless gives you that advantage. 

Ensuring that the majority of documents your business uses are digital makes retrieving them much easier. Rather than digging through a filing cabinet or box, pulling up a document requires only a quick search on a computer or mobile device. Your documents can be accessed from anywhere and on any device.


Money saved

While purchasing software and training staff might seem like an added cost, the long-term cost-saving benefits of going paperless are worth it. Not only will you no longer need to purchase receipt rolls, reams of paper, and envelopes for your business, but you also won’t need to buy printers and ink, or containers for file storage. By losing physical filing cabinets, you’ll likely reduce the amount of floor space required for storage, and that might even open up an area for new retail opportunities.


Customer optimization

Providing digital receipts allows a business to have direct access to customers. Focusing on customer service can turn negative interactions into positive reviews (and repeat customers). 

Email addresses enable retailers to send out newsletters, promotional and sales notices, restock information, and keep the conversation going after the original sale. Plus, many retailers add links to their business website and social media accounts, helping to increase online awareness about their brand.

Offering email receipts is about saving money, eliminating unnecessary waste, and keeping up with digital-savvy customer demands. Most of all, going paperless is about bringing your business in line with the times and discovering what can be gained through new technologies.

Going paperless is all about running your business more efficiently. It’s about reducing the amount of time you and your staff spend on inventory checklists, sort through filing cabinets, manage invoices and bills, and work on scheduling.

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