How to Increase Profits for your Retail Store

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Every business goes through a stalemate where revenue and profits becomes stagnant.  Strategies that worked during the initial stages might not be as effective anymore. Retailers, therefore, have to find new and efficient ways of increasing profits in order to stay successful and relevant in the business world.

We will discuss the basic ideas that businesses can use to increase revenue and profits. Depending on the type of business, some ideas may work better than others.


Complimentary services and diversity

Adding complementary services allows you to add value to your existing product line and it will help you in acquiring new customers. Your business now offers something diverse and exclusive which might not have been available elsewhere; a variety of products attracts consumers and, thereby, increases profits. Not only will you generate revenue from existing products, but from new products as well. Simultaneously, if one product line is not earning enough profits, then sales from other products will compensate the loss incurred. 


Pricing strategies

Changes in the prices of products happen nominally mainly due to inflation. It is vital for your business to adjust prices accordingly; either by raising them or lowering them just enough to secure steady profits. A reduction in price will stimulate more sales but could incur short-term losses. A rise in prices will bring additional revenues, however, your business could lose customers. The idea is to sell value to your customers and not ‘price’. Whichever pricing strategy you choose will depend on the type of business and how successful it is. If your retail store is in its early days, then perhaps raising prices is not the best way to attract customers and gain profits. 


Offer discounts

Discounts create a buying opportunity in the minds of consumers and it often spurs them into action. The discounts can be applied to limited products or could be applied on special days such as Eid or Christmas.Offers like buy-one-get-one-free lures customers into purchasing multiple products, thereby increasing sales and profits. Customers tend to buy discounted items in bulk, consequently increasing revenue. Moreover, prolonged periods of discounts enable consumers to keep coming back to your store and purchases multiple products, thereby overall increasing profits. 


Selling products in ‘bundles’

To encourage impulse buying and increase order value, selling products in special bundles is a clever way to go. Customers are attracted to collectively lower priced products as compared to separate products. Some stores sell shoes and handbags together for prices that are way less than what both cost individually. Moreover, a packet of five items sold together would be priced less than what those products cost separately; revenue will increase as well as profits. 


Marketing and advertisements

Marketing tactics through social media platforms help businesses reach a wider audience. Print media advertisements also help in attracting customers to your stores. Billboard signs and simple outdoor displays catch the eye of the customer and lures them into your outlet. A straightforward yet attractive display sign of your store beckons customers to check your outlet, giving you the opportunity to make sales. Marketing strategies and ad campaigns should be appealing enough to arouse curiosity in consumers to finally make that purchase. 


Collaborating with other businesses

Connecting with stores that sell a complementary product enables your business to keep a good relation with other entrepreneurs. Requesting for training or collaborating with other businesses helps in attracting multiple audiences across various platforms; your business now shares the customers of the company that you are collaborating with. Targeting a larger market through such collaborations will help in securing high profits for your business.

The simple tactic of letting others sell for you while you sell for them, ensures a healthy relationship between business owners and provides long-term profits as well. 

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