Why Manage Multiple Warehouses

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When you’re starting your business, it may make sense to conduct all inventory-related tasks with one warehouse. And while it’s a smart move to localize management to a single location, it might not hold up when you’re on your way to growing your business. So what do you do then?

The answer is simple: get more warehouses.

You might doubt that response: wouldn’t it be more costly to get more warehouses? And how do you even manage them all at once?

While those are logical questions to have, you must know that managing multiple warehouses has many benefits for you and your business:

Lower Transportation Costs

When you have a single warehouse location, it becomes hard to transport the products to shops that might be far away. This just adds to the overall cost of the product, thereby causing stress on you and the consumer. Here, multiple warehouses offer a benefit a single warehouse can’t: since their locations can be spread out, they can be closer to different franchises, and hence easily transport products. This greatly reduces transportation costs.

Make Customers Happy

Believe it or not, having multiple warehouses can positively contribute to your customers’ happiness. When you have more than one warehouse, products can be delivered to your stores quickly, so that your stores are never out of stock. This, in turn, will make sure your customers always get what they want at the fastest speeds.

Spread The Risk

You can never be prepared for emergencies you might face, whether it’s some kind of warehouse malfunction or natural catastrophe. In either case, you’d want to avoid the risk of ruining all your products all at once. Instead of letting that risk build up in one place, why not spread it out?

With multiple warehouses, you can avoid the risk of excessive damage because any harm on one warehouse will make sure all your other products can be saved. This kind of pre-planning will make sure your business sustains in any kind of emergency.

What About The Challenges?

Of course, you still might be asking the same question: how do I manage more than one warehouse at once?

For this, you don’t need to rely on your brain – all you need is one seamless point of sale system, like Oscar POS. This POS system has an inventory management system like no other; it helps you manage multiple warehouses so that you can analyze each warehouse’s productivity collectively or individually. We’re talking about best-sellers, dusty inventory, product turnover rate and more.

So believe it or not, managing multiple warehouses is most definitely the best thing you can do, especially if you’re on your way to growing your business.

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