Have count on your inventory records

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How accurate are your inventory records

As a business owner, your inventory is in a constant state of flux. It’s virtually guaranteed that for the most of the part, your latest inventory records don’t match your actual physical inventory with 100 percent accuracy.
You have to reconcile your physical stock. Doing so helps you to identify the discrepancies source and improve procedures to prevent losses.
It’s important for small business, as well as for large-scale business. Most companies shut down their operations for several hours in order to perform inventory reconciliation.

Counting Your Products
Shutting your business doors for fewer days, you will lose your customers. Typically for a few days. It can be helpful to spend some time organizing your physical retail space to make your inventory easier. Proper preparation can save hours of time over the course stock reconciliation.
Many retailers, do stock reconciliation on a weekly basis, paying employees some extra amount of cash every night this method keeps the business running but leads to some extra cost that you pay.

Confirming your records
Employees need to compare inventory stocks with a physical stock of each item in stock. The List checked and confirm to make sure that there is no employee misreads the stocks number.

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