Monitor your Retail Store Staff with Oscar POS

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As a retailer, purchasing products directly from a manufacturer or a wholesaler and selling them to customers require a number of tasks. From receptionist and sales boy to cashier and managers, a diversified role is assigned to different employees. Tracking the performance of your employees can be a challenging task if you go with manual methods. Hence, powerful software is essential to monitor your retail store staff.

Oscar POS is the best POS software in Pakistan that helps you keep a check on your workers. Oscar SRB integrated POS system enables you to maintain the attendance record of your staff members along with their late comings and overtime. It simplifies payroll management, so your staff always get their salary on time. Oscar POS system assists you in managing the entire team of all the outlets of your retail store easily and efficiently.

The Oscar POS system makes your business digitized to save your time and prevent manual errors. All the performance tracking of your retail store staff is digitally kept in a single device. Oscar POS software helps you integrate your sales data and identify the top-performing employee so you can reward him on that account. This way, you can keep your staff happy and satisfied.

In addition, Oscar POS SRB helps you keep an eye on your staff’s progress at any location at any time. It enables you to assign different access privileges to employees by setting up role-based security in accessing the dashboard. For instance, a new employee can only access basic functions like printing sale invoices. Whereas long-term assistant managers can be authorized to look at inventory levels of your retail store, a daily sales record, and monthly progress reports.

Oscar POS system is a robust and secure software to monitor your retail store staff. Oscar POS SRB is the remarkable POS software for retail shop. You can visit the website to learn more about the risk-free Oscar POS software. You can take a free tour of the website to learn more about the popular features of cloud-based Oscar POS SRB.

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