Monitor your Invoices with Oscar POS

Invoice monitoring is a critical factor while running a retail store. Keeping a record of your retail business’s sales and ensuring timely payments is essential for your retail store to run [...]

Track your Salon’s Progress with Oscar POS

The competition among beauty salons is tough. Customers are provided with several options, and they prefer choosing the one providing the best service. As an owner of a salon, it is essential to [...]

Monitor your Grocery Store Staff with Oscar POS

Supermarkets and grocery stores attract people mainly due to properly arranged shelves and streamlined operations from purchasing to checkout. As an owner of a grocery store, you need to serve [...]

Manage Multiple Pharmacy Outlets with Oscar POS

When it comes to purchasing medicines and medical equipment, people prefer buying from a reliable source. As an owner of a pharmacy, once you have built your customers’ trust, they prefer your [...]

Maintain your Supermarket’s Inventory with Oscar POS

The biggest reason why people prefer shopping from the supermarket is convenience. Therefore, providing them with a simplified and well-organized experience helps you maintain your supermarket’s [...]

Uplift your Retail Business with Oscar POS CRM

Returning customers are the most important part of a retail business. Your business’s success is highly influenced by your customers’ responses. When it comes to gaining customer loyalty, [...]

Generate Higher Profits with an Advanced POS System

Retailers and businessmen are always on the cue to generate more profits through smart decisions for business growth. As a retailer, taking precise and immediate actions helps you boost the [...]

Integrate your Retail Store Data with Oscar POS

Whether you are running a small boutique or a large grocery store, there is a need to get updated with your entire retail business operations. Manual methods of handwritten receipts and writing [...]

Efficiently Manage your Pharmacy with Oscar POS

Pharmacy stores are generally crowded in peak hours, significantly as the rate of diseases has increased. As an owner of a pharmacy, your responsibilities are enormous. Providing your customers [...]

Manage Multiple Grocery Store Outlets with Oscar POS

Groceries are one of the most important things people purchase every month. Your crowded grocery store influences you to open multiple branches as people love purchasing groceries from your [...]

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