Hold Efficient Team Meetings Like A Boss

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Team meetings are one of the most important rituals in an organization. These meetings help leaders to connect and discuss important business-related information with their employees such as upcoming projects, business deals, company performance, etc.

But sometimes, the purpose of these meetings go in vain due to factors such as side conversations, distractions, poor communication, lack of interest from the attendees and more. It’s therefore important for managers to keep a few things in mind to ensure the smooth yet fruitful proceedings in a meeting.

Never Go All Out Serious

This is the modern approach to keeping your employees engaged in a meeting – and in a way, it is the right approach.

Sometimes, a very serious and solemn atmosphere can easily tire a lot of attendees because it is not always possible to concentrate fully on a dry topic. The element of humor works well in uplifting the mood in other places, and so it can be used for the same purpose in business meetings. A few jokes – and even some friendly banter – ensures that employees are kept engaged to what the manager is trying to communicate, thereby helping them deliver their message more clearly.

Keep Everyone Involved

Another important task for a manager is to make sure that everyone takes a 100% part in every meeting. It is a big mistake on the manager’s end if they leave everyone on their own! Asking everyone questions related to a point or a statement, or even individually questioning people if they are having problems in understanding something, are some ways you can keep everyone engaged. This method may seem pretty old school, but it works like a charm!

Try Silent Meetings

If applying both methods mentioned above is something that you do regularly in meetings – and if you’re still not convinced with the results – then an off-track technique is a great approach. In silent meetings, attendees are made to sit in a room and are designated the task of generating ideas and solutions to a problem individually by their means, such as brainstorming, noting down related points or any other way. After a specific time, the ideas are taken in for evaluation.

Research has shown that these meetings help in generating better quality solutions. Reasons for that include the avoidance of the impending fear of social humiliation – i.e. of saying something different or irrelevant in normal verbal meetings. After all, some attendees may not be relatively open people and maybe shy while expressing their thoughts while others may never speak what they want to with the realization that their points might be outdated. Apart from this, silent meetings contribute to removing ‘production blocking’, meaning the process of an individual speaking one by one, more commonly referred to as the ‘speaking cycle’. Silent meetings help in providing an equal opportunity for everyone to simultaneously present their ideas.

What’s The Point Of Efficient Team Meetings?

Team meetings help tremendously; it not only helps keep the entire business’s goals in perspective but also keeps every employee’s strengths and weaknesses in check. As a result, you will be able to see the difference in the way your team functions a good employee management system will allow you to visualize the benefits of efficient team meetings in the form of skyrocketing sales!

There are many more methods that can be used to make your meetings functional and worthy. At the end of the day, just remember to keep your proceedings simple, understandable and fruitful.

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