Here’s Why Your Best Employees Lose Motivation

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As a business owner and employer, you’re the boss – and it is your responsibility to focus on the well-being of your employees. More often than not, however, certain things slip under the radar; sometimes you may lose sight of what keeps your employees going, and forces them to feel unmotivated.

There are many reasons why employees lose their steam, mainly due to burnout. However, it takes a lot to demotivate your best worker. Here is why demotivation might attack even the best of your workforce:

Lack Of Freedom

Confidence comes when people do what they want to do, not what they’re forced to do. That’s why great employees sometimes feel unmotivated when they have to do certain tasks in which they have no control. This kind of soldier-like approach to getting the job done sucks the life out of your employees, causing them to feel let down from the get-go.

No Shot At Development

Even the best of the best employees feel their energy drain out if they’re stuck in a stagnant business – a place where they can’t feel their skills develop beyond their limits. This happens if there aren’t any development programs or training sessions given that help them expand their expertise. Hence, employees feel there isn’t any need to work hard – especially if it will all go to waste.

Problems With Co-workers

Your star employee might be great while working alone – but how are they doing with their colleagues? Sometimes the reason for someone’s demotivation can be external; in the case of the star employee, they may not want to work if its around certain employees. Not only does this affect their productivity, but this also sours the working environment, and makes everyone unnecessarily tense.

Little To No Recognition

To complete a task is one thing – but to be praised for it is something quite another. In fact, being recognized for your effort does much and more to boost an employee’s confidence, especially if it’s a higher-up praising you for it. So when you as an employer fail to recognize the talents and skills exhibited by your employee for too long, they will feel they drive slowly diminish.

We understand that it’s nearly impossible to chart all of your employees’ performances manually. For that, automating the process works like wonders. In fact, Oscar POS – a POS software in Pakistan – lets you track sales made by each waiter or employee in real-time. This way, all your employees’ efforts will never go in vain, and will be recognized and appreciated.

In the end, that’s all a good employee needs: they want to be appreciated for their hard work. Only that way can you expect them to show their 100% all day everyday.

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