Oscar POS ‘Iftar of the fasting’ Campaign

 In Culture Hacks

Oscar, the best POS software in Pakistan, is being handled by one of the most diligent teams I have ever worked with. Not only does the team deliver on a great POS product, but the camaraderie of the team and the company’s fundamental pillar (i.e. ‘Be Good’) makes Oscar a great place to be.

The team displayed great zeal and spirit for the month of Ramadan, where the entire team generously pooled in all resources – from time, money, strategy and execution to make this campaign a great success.

The initiative started with a takeaway box. Next, the co-workers sequentially filled the boxes with several fruits, samosas, dates, pakoras, juice box and a packet of biryani.

The aim of this campaign was to share these iftar boxes with those who were underprivileged, or people who were unable to get home for iftar on time.

 Oscar employees wholeheartedly participated in ‘being Good’ to share the essence of Ramadan. Hope this made the universe happy 🙂


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