Enhance your Customer Satisfaction with Oscar POS CRM

Satisfying your customers is the biggest aim while running your restaurant. Customer satisfaction contributes significantly to your business growth. But meeting the needs of your customers is not [...]

Simplify Payment Processing with Advanced POS System

Every customer that walks into your restaurant doesn’t prefer paying cash. There are many people who prefer other options while dining in your restaurant, taking away the food, or ordering [...]

Boost your Restaurant Sales with Oscar POS

A set of challenges welcome you as you open a restaurant. From managing inventory to serving satiable meals, every single task requires adequate management. Accurately managed operations helps [...]

Manage your Restaurant with Cloud-Based Oscar POS

The restaurant’s data is the backbone of your culinary business. Without accessing the facts and figures of your restaurant, you cannot integrate your sales and can make better decisions for the [...]

Track your Restaurant’s Progress with Oscar POS

Tracking performance helps business owners to make successful future decisions. Keeping an eye on your restaurant’s progress helps you in making future business strategies and elevate your [...]

Effectively Manage your Restaurant Inventory with Oscar POS

Being the owner of a restaurant, the biggest challenge is keeping up-to-date inventory levels so all the items on your menu remain available all the time. Remarkable inventory management helps [...]

Advanced POS System for Multiple Outlet Management

The delicious cuisine and remarkable restaurant service are two important factors that allow businesses to generate enough profits to expand to multiple outlets. On the other hand, increased [...]

Maximize your Restaurant’s Profit with Oscar POS

It is a fact that a restaurant with delicious meals and good ambiance gets more customers’ attention. But a good amount of focus needs to be spent behind the restaurant counter. For the [...]

Efficiently Manage your Restaurant Staff with Oscar POS

Restaurant owners have many employee management duties, ranging from scheduling the staff, marking their attendance, evaluating their performances, to paying their monthly wages on time. As a [...]

Analyze your Bakery Sales with Oscar POS

Evaluating your sales comes before anything. The more sales you make, the more profit you gain. Therefore, an error-free and timely sales analysis is needed while running a bakery. As an owner of [...]

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